It Seems Your Bedroom Decor Needs Our Help, So Here We Are 12

It’s time to get that modern bedroom on point for the next season!

Find your perfect look and learn how to put the scheme together in your own home. Today that’s our purpose. We will help you with some bedroom decor ideas, and we promise you won’t get disappointed! The experts are here to give you tips, and you will execute them!

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Avoid flat, lilac-tinted greys that can make a room feel chilly, but mix warmer shades with grainy oak for a simple, soothing backdrop. Working in copper, dusky pink and peach tones and touches of pattern and texture will make it welcoming and characterful. A neutral-textural-patterned wallpaper, like this, is a great way to add understated style and interest to a room.

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This light-absorbing shade is ideal for a bedroom, providing a mellow pre-sleep mood and easy-on-the-eye awakenings. If you use it on all four walls, keep the floor and ceiling white. For a modern take, instead of rustic white-painted wood or natural oak.

This sophisticated shade will add depth and drama to a backdrop of cool mid-greys and pale wood tones. With so much color going on, don’t complicate matters with bold or busy patterns. A touch of stripe or a soft sketchbook motif is enough. Rustic elements help to tie this look together. Here rope, bamboo, weaves, and linens reveal their detail against deep, flat blue.

On cold, grey days, blush pink can lend a gentle warmth that’s an easy fix for north-facing spaces. It’s a good idea, however, to balance out the with lots of crisp white and cool, fresh blues.

Luxe looks aren’t just for glamourpusses! This version is altogether more relaxed. The key to luxury is texture, so use super-soft linen bedding, chunky wool rugs, and matt ceramics to build it up in layers. To create a layered , use a base of taupe and grey, then add pastel tints as subtle accents. We used sky blue and mint, but lilac or blush pink would work, too.

usually starts with a pure white backdrop, but adding color makes it warmer and more interesting. pale pink behaves like a neutral and is easy to mix with different accent tones. Natural linens are the quick route to this modern, relaxed look – and no ironing is needed…

It Seems Your Bedroom Decor Needs Our Help, So Here We Are 7

The simplicity of Scandi schemes can make them look stark, so offset plain white walls and simple wooden furniture with luxurious layers of throws and cushions. Plants or flowers are also great for adding color to a .

It Seems Your Bedroom Decor Needs Our Help, So Here We Are 8

If you’re indecisive, make picture ledges your friend. They’re great when you fancy a change and want to swap artwork and accessories around. Add character with a mixture of prints, too. Sticking to a mainly monochrome palette makes a combination of geometric, striped and tree patterns work together.

Add a touch of luxury to your bedroom with a button back headboard in a pale grey. It’s all about giving your room a bit of hotel chic and sophistication. Above, a photo wall full of happy memories is a great thing to look at before heading to bed.

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Everyone dreams of having a beautiful dressing area and this room show that it needn’t take up much space. The table and stool are pretty compact. It’s the mirror that makes the dressing area seem much bigger than it is, with its super-sized proportions and glamorous ornate detailing. Wall space isn’t floor space, after all.

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If you ever find yourself listening to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra while drinking a cocktail in a mid-century bar, this lighting design will be there. A sculptural and versatile creation, the iconic modern floor lamp features three articulating arms handmade in brass that are flexible in a variety of different locations in order to allow you to situate the lights exactly as you need it. It has a height of 70.9 inches and sits on a brass base with a counterweight made in steel for a sleek contemporary style. This task floor lamp exudes a mid-century modern flair that will elevate your art deco interior design.


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