Brussels, officially the Brussels-Capital Region, is a region of Belgium comprising 19 municipalities, including the City of Brussels which is the capital of Belgium, the French Community of Belgium, and the Flemish Community. The region has a population of 1.2 million and a metropolitan area with a population of over 1.8 million, the largest in Belgium. Today we present you the best lighting stores in the city.


Ambiance Lumière

This shop has specialised in light fittings and domestic lighting (indoors and outdoors) for over 25 years. It is surprising for several reasons. A “prêt-à-porter” outlet in light fittings, you will definitely find something to your taste due to the sheer choice on offer. When it comes to lighting, you will find ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall lights, standard lamps, table lamps or lighting rails for paintings, as well as embedded spotlights, spotlights to set on a surface or fix on a rail. The shop really excels in classical or modern lighting as represented by big names such as  (Delta Light, Artemide, Stephan Davidts) and the place has a stock of around «3000» different sorts of light bulbs: clear or opaque tungsten bulbs; bulbs in primary and pastel hues; with various sockets (pin or screw-in); in standard, globe, or flame (candle) shapes; halogen lamps,  double-cased halogens, fluorescent tubes…to name but a few!

The best lighting design stores in Brussels ambiance lumiere


Light bulbs Uccle

Their specialty is to supply and install lighting fixtures for households, shops, offices, companies, etc. They give you professional advice about how to choose the lighting which will meet your needs, taking into account ecological, technical and aesthetic aspects. Their “re-lighting” projects will win you over as they will bring you solutions in terms of lighting efficiency, energy saving, visual comfort and design.


The best lighting design stores in Brussels light bulbs


ACT Lighting Design

Belgium based ACT lighting design provides full-service lighting design through its three distinctive departments : Architectural lighting design, Entertainment lighting design and Light Art installations. By integrating a creative sensibility, innovation and an emotional touch to their architectural projects, and by combining pragmatism, perfectionism and a technical specificity in the entertainment and art installations work, we are able to reach a synergy, and to provide truly unique results.


The best lighting design stores in Brussels ambiance act


 Artemide Benelux is the exclusive distributor of Artemide lamps in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
The best lighting design stores in Brussels ambiance artemide

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