Paris is often referred to as “The City of Light” (La Ville Lumière) because it was one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting. Today we selected the best lighting stores in this amazing city!



Sentou, a trend-setter in matters of design and lifestyle furnishings, creates and distributes designer furniture collections, light fixtures, textiles, tableware and decorative objects, to a highly discerning French and international customers in its three Parisian boutiques and professional showroom. Sentou’s sophisticated products marry modernity with poetry, and include distinctive creations.



Epi Luminaires

A lighting store is not the kind of shops that are most common in Paris. Yet this place attracts the attention of passers by its products of classic and original. It is very pleasant to walk to look nice decor ideas. Epi Luminaires has lighting for outdoors, traditional and current in styles, functions, sizes, genders.



Located in the heart of Paris, at the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, it is the reference showroom dedicated to contemporary lighting. Open to professionals and individuals Novaluce covers 280 m2 and is one of the greatest Parisian spaces dedicated to lighting.



Located in the heart of Paris, near the Seine, between the Saint Jacques Tower and the City Hall, the Arlumière shop is defined as high fashion fixture. On the outside the shop is not very luxurious and its front is blackened by time. However, our gaze is immediately drawn to the window in which there is an incredible array of lights of all kinds. Chandeliers, bedside lamps, as halogen lamps, modern and retro style, there is something for all tastes and colors, there is something for everyone.


The best lighting design stores in Paris arlumiere


Bazar de L’Electricité

The Bazar de L’Electricité, is a reference to Paris when seeking to restore / complete / buy a light fixture. Founded in 1886 – two years after the invention of the filament bulb by Thomas Edison – the brand has never left the Bastille area. There are antique-style lighting fixtures – traditional chandeliers – but also contemporary lighting, combining both modern design and originality.



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