Choose Your Type Of The Mid-century Lighting Classics

Mid-century Lighting Classics Are Ready To Rock Your Home

DelightFULL’s lighting designs are able to touch the depth of personality, to create a different state of mind, to give unforgettable emotions and feelings by being expressed in each unique piece. The pieces are created with a soul by the craftsmen and designed with imagination, love and inspiration. You can find the uniqueness in every piece of DelightFULL’s creations. Choose your favorite mid-century lighting classics piece and brighten your world with musicality of Heritage!

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Diana Floor Lamp is the tallest one of the Heritage collection. Made of steel with a nickel plated finish, this floor lamp has a giant lamp shade and can perfectly complete an interiors of the big industrial lofts or artistic studios. With this lamp, any type of interiors become a colorful space.

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Inspired by an iconic jazz music of Kenny Clarke, this exceptional lighting design will bring to your house smooth movements that he brought through drums. With the scent of his rhythm and depth of his emotions, the artisans created this unique piece to fill your interior design with a warm and nostalgic aura.

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An iconic retro pendant lamp was inspired by the lighting designs of 1960’s. With its three adjustable arms, handmade in brass and aluminum, it is ready to excellently complete your home design ideas. Can be a perfect fit for your colorful kitchen design.

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Easily recognizable, dazzling Ike lamp is a perfect choice for your every single mid-century modern interior. Distinctive, with its clean lines, it’s handmade in brass and aluminum, representing a high-quality Portuguese craftsmanship.

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The great British singer and songwriter, Amy Winehouse, who inspired and inspires everybody including our designers after she passed away. Outlined by Amy’s silhouette, the color of her hair and her unforgettable round earring – DelightFULL designed these luxury lighting pieces only for you!

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