Summer is halfway down, what are you waiting for to give your dining room a fresh look?

Your dining room is a truly multi-functional space – it’s where we eat, entertain and sometimes even work. When designing your dining room decor, think carefully about how you use the space and what you really want to achieve with the area. Whatever your style, room size or budget, we have the dining room design for you.


Get Your Dining Room Decor In Check For This Summer 6

The truth is you don’t need a big space to achieve a good-looking dining room design. Want to realize the potential of your small dining room decor? Whether your table and chairs are crammed into the tiniest of rooms or are just stealing a corner from another space in the house, there are lots of things you can do to make meal times a pleasure.

Round It Up

Get Your Dining Room Decor In Check For This Summer 2

Choose a round pedestal table and armless dining chairs to visually enhance a space. Keep the focus off your diminutive quarters and draw attention to unique details in a small dining room. Use a sugary palette of pale pastels to keep the subtle color even across a compact room. Make your dining area the star of the show by painting a circular interior design on the wall to define a zone.

Work every inch

Get Your Dining Room Decor In Check For This Summer

Don’t let a small dining room restrict you. Increase the space in a narrow dining room ideas with a slimline table and wall-hung accessories. If you have a large family or a continuous stream of guests visiting then a small, circular table may not be an option for you. Instead, invest in a slender table that will fit neatly into a narrow space, such as a kitchen-diner, conservatory or even a hallway. Finally, punctuate the scheme with artwork and table decorations to add character and personality.

Theme a nook

Get Your Dining Room Decor In Check For This Summer 3

If your small dining area is tucked away in a corner, give it an instant update with a theme. Include flourishes of color in accessories, soft furnishings, and wall art to give the space its own character. Set against a white backdrop, a chestnut table brings a traditional, homely touch to the corner. Incorporate a bench, which can be neatly tucked underneath when not in use. It is also a great option when you need to seat more than two people.

Think beyond your space

Get Your Dining Room Decor In Check For This Summer 5

If you don’t have a separate dining zone, take a look around your home. If the occasion demands, or you just feel like it, why not set up a temporary dining area in an underused space? Position a slimline table in a narrow corridor or hallway. Keep the space fuss-free and bring in furniture from other rooms or use pieces that can be folded away, stacked or moved around at a moment’s notice.

Make it multifunctional

Get Your Dining Room Decor In Check For This Summer 4

Few of us have the luxury of a separate dining room these days, but however limited space might be it’s important to incorporate storage into your scheme wherever you can. Build a low-level, storage bench – it may take up a little floor space, but it will declutter and streamline your space while providing extra seating should you require it. If you can, have it made to match the rest of your furniture for a scheme that is cohesive and considered. Using low-level storage will also free up wall space – display a collection of framed prints that will add character and interest. Make the best of your home decor.


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