Today we bring you something different, an apartment in Ukraine that is filled with art, making itself a giant art piece. Get inspired, delighted or just dreamy with this amazing project from Yodezeen. Scroll down and discover this apartment that is a true art piece.

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Discover This Apartment That Is a True Art Piece

In one of Kiev’s Luxury Apartments Complex Diamond Hill, the architectural and interior design studio YODEZEEN created an glamorous apartment with the right color palette, design furniture and beautiful, unique and contemporary artworks, achieving the ideal bespoke high-end design.

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Discover This Apartment That Is a True Art Piece

This apartment is different from the rest, mainly because it connects two design styles perfectly, a modern and new design with a classical and more traditional style. New ideas with old methods.
It seems, that luxury and functionality are mutually exclusive, but precisely this combination was desired by YODEZEEN customers.

Discover This Apartment That Is a True Art Piece

This luxurious home counts with a known presence, Janis Floor Lamp, is part of this apartment deco, this floor lamp is covered by a golden bath, in order to make a powerful statement with its mid-century modern design. With almost 67 inches, Janis floor lamp is 100% handmade in brass, boasting a high quality craftsmanship. The perfect choice for the glamorous home would be as well a glamorous floor lamp.

Discover This Apartment That Is a True Art Piece

Another big wow factor of this luxurious apartment are the walls, following a classic style, this white walls rise the glamour bar on the home.
This walls create no need to have wall art since the wall itself may be considered art.
It is a bold choice that comes out sucessfull in this apartment.

Hope that you enjoyed this unique and luxurious apartment and got some inpiration to create your amazing next projects. If you want to find more about Janis Floor Lamp you can find more on the button bellow.

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