Are you looking for inspiration to create a home where functionality and design can be perfectly working together? You came to the right place, today we will show you a scandinavian residential with a functional design, a beautiful project in Ukraine that followed this popular Scandinavian style to create a functional space while keeping a unique design.

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The Scandinavian style design is marked by a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. This style also values nature, so wood floors tend to remain uncovered and lighter wooden tones are frequently found in Scandinavian homes. Plants and flowers are also a popular choice when it comes getting the outside to the inside.The Scandinavian colors are mainly neutrals, with the most used being bright whites with pops of black and tan.

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Discover This Scandinavian Residential With a Functional Design

This project from Daria Sozykina is no exception, and follows the Scandinavian style and his rules. The main color of the living room design is white, with different tones of it. Black and grey are the other colors present in the room. There is not a single part of the room with a “flashy” color, following the rules of neutral colors. On the dining table as well as in the center table is possible to see nature elements, with a vase of pink flowers and a jar with what resembles a tree. On the window is also a vase with flowers. This way the living room design follows the rule that connects the home with the outdoors while keeping the use neutral colors .

Discover This Scandinavian Residential With a Functional Design

To highlight the kitchen from the living room, the designer choose to have the furniture with black colors and tones, maintaining the neutral colors while is possible to differentiate the kitchen design from the rest of the room. Is also possible to see the floor in wood planks with a bright tone.The doors are another curious decoration factor, in this case, they are very tall, but not large, making them almost a part of the walls.

Discover This Scandinavian Residential With a Functional Design

The decorative pieces used in the room are few, always with neutral colors on them, books, jars, art pieces and of course nature elements. The furniture is simple and beautiful giving a sense of comfort and functionality. The furniture itself is a big demonstration of the Scandinavian style, functional, simple, useful and beautiful exactly what Scandinavian homes should be like.

Discover This Scandinavian Residential With a Functional Design

Natural light is another highlight of the living room design, making sure that the exterior is still a part of the interior of the home with the presence of big windows. The artificial light is provided with a simple design, above the dining table is the beautiful Duke Suspension with white and black colors. This lighting pieces is handmade in brass and aluminum. It can also be a perfect bedroom lighting for a more mid-century design.

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