A new year always brings new trends, some of them are old and others are completely new. A trend that is making is way back to the lighting world is the industrial style, more refined and minimalist then ever. Today we will tell you everything about the industrial style and how you can applie it in your room.

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The Industrial Style

everything about the industrial style

The industrial style refers to an aesthetic trend that takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted into lofts and other living spaces. Components of industrial style include weathered wood, building systems, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures and concrete.
This aesthetic became popular in the late 2000s , and his colors are mainly a mix of grays, neutrals and rustic. These simple colors allow for the use of furniture and other accessories to help liven up the room. Also, having the walls a neutral color allows for open areas like lofts to feel bigger and more connected while giving furniture the opportunity to help create a natural flow of the room.

Suspension Category


everything about the industrial style

Lighting is also an important part for this style that can be easily seen in any light fixture with metal finishes. Large open windows also help bring natural light into the space which can be very beneficial for smaller spaces. Overhead light fixtures can also give the area an industrial ambiance, especially in the kitchen.  

Pillars Of The Style

everything about the industrial style

Open Spaces – Barriers and interior walls are optional and most of times inexistent. With no structure to define the space and divisions in the room, they became largely open. The result was using objects to specify the room, kitchen cabinets and appliances would demark the kitchen, the bed and wardrobe were in the bedroom and the couch and TV the living room. Lighting and rugs would also be an important part in the division of the loft, with different lighting types and colors in different rooms.

everything about the industrial style

Exposed structural and mechanical elements – Since covering up the industrial remnants of the previous identity of the building would be very expensive, such as pipes, ductwork and exposed brick walls, they were just left in their place and became a key part of the style. Ceiling beams, concrete and wood floors were kept as a memories of the original purpose of the room. The wood adds warmth and texture, while the metal is sleek and modern.

everything about the industrial style

Neutral Colors – The industrial style is caractherized as a simple aesthetic, making sense that the main colors tend toward warm neutrals. Browns and tans help softing the industrial room to make it a more inviting space, and the neutral tones don’t distract the eyes from the exposed elements.

Industrial Style in your home

everything about the industrial style

– Because this style works in wide-open spaces, the first tip is to remove all non-essential elements, dont go on destroying your walls, just try to find what you need and dont need in your home, making it more open and free.

– If you are making a full renovation in your house, a big tip, is to let the key elements of the industial style, such as exposed brick walls, concrete floors, exposed beams or pipes, wide open, not covering them up. This of course requeries alot of effort, that’s why is highly recommend only in a full renovation scenario.

– The simpliest tip, the right furniture, using the main materials, wood and metal with clean uncluttered lines in the different rooms.

Our Picks

Galliano Wall

everything about the industrial style

Made of iron with a matte black exterior and a gold powder paint interior finishing, Galliano Wall produces a unique lighting effect when you see light being casted thought its pipes. You can have its finishes customized as well as the number of its tubes that can go up to 3. The ressamble to a pipe makes it obvious why can fit in the industrial style.

Calla Suspension

everything about the industrial style

Inspirated by the Calla Lily flower, one of the most graceful things nature has conceived. With a graceful aged brass top in the shape of elegant leafs, the beauty of Calla suspension lamp is undeniable. The simplicty and colors makes this lamp a fitable element of an industrial styled room.

Diana Table

everything about the industrial style

Diana table lamp is handmade lamp built with materials such as brass and aluminum. Brass was used on the body, whilst aluminum was chosen for the shade. The aluminum shade is lacquered a glossy red on the outside and matte white on the inside, while for the body a nickel-plated finish was chosen. A full metal element, a key part of the industrial style.

Ike Pendant

everything about the industrial style

Ike Pendant is an handmade in brass and aluminum, the glossy black finish and the copper accent deliver the perfect look. Ideal for industrial kitchens, dining rooms, restaurants and bars, this copper pendant light it also look great as a bathroom pendant lighting with a mid-century modern decor. Therefore, Ike fits practically in every style, due to its sleek shape and minimalist design.

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