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Have a nice week everyone! Mondays are always hard but we are trying to make it better by offering you inspiration about garden decor ideas. The outdoors are a less explored spot, and we believe that’s not correct. Although many people don’t have a patio or a garden space, this is a good idea even for porches or balconies. Stay tuned and find out how to elevate your outdoor!


5 Garden Decor Ideas That Will Change Your Whole Outdoor 6 Garden Decor Ideas


Install an enclosed garden room

5 Garden Decor Ideas That Will Change Your Whole Outdoor Garden Decor Ideas

This is the perfect idea even for rainy days where you can still enjoy the best of your outdoor decor. Is it a porch? Is it a patio? Maybe it’s both! The space beneath a raised deck makes a lovely shady outdoor living area, that’s ideal for sociable gatherings in summer – or even winter if you provide a little heating and plenty of blankets!


Opt for a ski-chalet-style garden

5 Garden Decor Ideas That Will Change Your Whole Outdoor 2 Garden Decor Ideas

Patio ideas don’t come much better than this! You don’t have to hit the slopes to enjoy the benefits of an apres-ski style terrace. A fresh take on the functional garden design patio, this area takes the outdoor social space into winter…with the help of an outdoor heater, plenty of faux-fur blankets, woven textures and flickering candles housed in glass lanterns. Romantic, super stylish and a little bit Hygge? We think so.

Blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors

5 Garden Decor Ideas That Will Change Your Whole Outdoor 3 Garden Decor Ideas

Make the most of a compact outdoor space that adjoins a flat or house, by creating your very own modern secret garden. Here, the floor tiles run out from the interior space, creating a sense of continuity and implying that outside patio area is merely an extension of the kitchen itself. Clusters of large pots holding lush plants create a tropical feeling and the sense of being in nature, which is only enhanced by the warmth of horizontal wood paneling. A vast mirrored panel doubles the space – visually at least – and makes space feel light and full of energy for a meal or casual drinks at the bistro table and garden bench. Another secret is choosing the perfect outdoor lighting (shhh, don’t tell anyone).

Go tropical

5 Garden Decor Ideas That Will Change Your Whole Outdoor 4 Garden Decor Ideas

When you have a small internal courtyard or outside space, leave the wow factor to the plants. Look for tropical varieties hardy enough to withstand the vagaries of the British weather and plant up your own jungle oasis. Add instant drama with towering palms, strappy phormium and cordyline and feather-leaved tree ferns like Dicksonia. Be aware that some may need a bit of protection over the winter and add slate chippings to help retain moisture in the summer and make maintenance easier. This idea kind of blends in your house design, which is perfect!


Choose Graphic Letters- Editor’s Choice

5 Garden Decor Ideas That Will Change Your Whole Outdoor 5

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