Get ready to learn how to pull out the best of your entry hall design!

Too often, the hallway decoration is relegated to thoroughfares, where coats and shoes are dumped and not enough thought is put into their decor. The right paint color or wallpaper can brighten and lift the darkest or smallest of spaces. Stay with us and see how to step up your hallway game!

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Let us just give you a quick recap of what you are about to read. When it comes to decorating your hall, include elegant storage to cut down on clutter, enliven your floor with a vibrant rug or runner or use the walls to display an art collection. If your receives a daily bashing from your kids, why not consider hardwearing tiles or wall panels? We’ve found the most enthralling halls and corridors from our archive for ideas to inspire you!

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Functionality can’t be forgotten when planning to your and it’s important to make sure space is still fit for purpose. Invest in some key pieces of hallway furniture to help contain the clutter, benches are a perfect storage solution with enough space underneath for woven baskets to allow you to neatly store away the mess. If you don’t have space for a bench, using a small chair or side table will also give a welcoming and comfortable feel to your hallway.

Alternatively, keeping it simple with a whitewash can give the illusion of light and space even when there’s a shortage. Adding splashes of color, like a brightly painted door or bold rug, will add personality to your hallway. This is a great idea to brighten up your.

Your hallway is the first impression visitors have of your home so it’s important to let your character and personality shine through. Color can change a space dramatically and is a relatively quick way to refresh your space. So if you want to keep it clean, use light colors and give your hall a dynamic entrance. With this , you will have the effect of making connected rooms seem brighter which is ideal if your space is lacking natural light.

Utilise your wall space for storage by hanging coat hooks or mounted luggage racks. This will help to take away the hallway clutter without compromising on space. Whatever your style, be it modern graphics or traditional, there are hooks and hangings to suit your space.

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Mirrors are a simple solution to creating a bright, airy hallway. Find the best spot for reflecting your natural light and hang your mirror there to create the illusion of light and space. Whatever the style, ensure the mirror matches the proportion of your room to stop it feeling out of place. If you want, you can put a lamp and give it a fresher look.

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