Ready for a trip? Don’t think twice, London is already waiting for you!

London is an incredible city which is a fabulous host to tourists. But there are some London interesting facts that we are sure you never heard about. And today we are here to reveal it to you. Immersed in history, this big city is brimming with culture and art. Add to it some larger-than-life landmarks, and you have got one of the finest cities in the world. Classy and sassy at the same time, there is no other city which can beat the aura of London. Here are some fun facts about your new favorite city.

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1- The Romans were the first to make London their home. We are not impressed because everyone wants to make their home, we guess the Romans were just faster than everyone.

2- In the UK, drivers drive on the left side of the road (that’s obvious we know). But there is one road in London where drivers can drive only on the right side. There are exceptions to every rule. We all know that.

3- It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament. You may think we have a killer sense of humor, but we are being dead serious here. Too many puns in a row but never forget , or what not to do in this case: don’t die.

4- London is one of the richest cities, with more than 70 billionaires. Yeah, who would have thought, right?

5- Queen Elizabeth 2 may be the head of State, but she needs permission from the Lord Mayor to enter the city of London. You’re not more surprised than we are! Wow!

You wanted more fun facts, right? We know, we know! So here’s a bonus fact:

Bonus- Covet London is the most amazing showroom to visit in the city!

But you have to tell us what do you think and if you would like more fun facts like this! We know this is not a article, but it is something inspirational to prepare you for a future trip to . Next time we go back to ! Talk to us on Instagram @bloglightingstores we are poping there!


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