Terzani’s Precious Design Concept is luxury evolved. Each piece in this new lighting collection breaks the staid boundaries of traditional luxury, and incorporates stunningly modern design, cutting-edge technology, artisan craftsmanship and precious materials. The result are sculptures of light whose illumination transforms spaces through dynamic lighting and shadow effects. They create a new visual language of what luxury is, one that reflects both today’s aesthetics, architecture and design traditions yet also pushes towards the future.

Take a look at Precious Design Concept by Terzani chandelier

Working to redefine the way luxury lighting is conceived and made, Terzani has been combining the traditional Italian craftsmanship with a modern technology since it was founded in Florence in 1972. Sergio Terzani’s original vision was to create handmade lighting that blurs the lines between art, luxury and design.

Take a look at Precious Design Concept by Terzani new piece

The final result? Pieces that are sculptural and beautiful, upholding longstanding traditions of metal and glass work, with a meticulous eye for design detail. While many of the designs are created in-house by Terzani’s experienced design team, it also collaborates with renowned designers like Dodo Arlsan, Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava, Studio 14 and Luca Martorano & Mattia Albicini and Simone Micheli.

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Terzani’s dialogue also includes the creative minds of its clients. Using its capability to manufacture custom items, Terzani makes discrete products and modifies existing product lines to help clients realize their visions. With this collection, and Terzani’s commitment to continued innovation, it’s clear that Terzani has succeed in its brand mission of staying rooted in past artisan traditions while continuing to create new lighting directions for the future. For all these reasons, the company is growing and has expanded its exports to a growing number of countries.

Take a look at Precious Design Concept by Terzani new

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