Take a look at this Showroom by Lumens on the West Coast!

Today we are here to talk about a showroom made by Lumens: Light and living. This lighting brands showroom is one of the best destinations for lighting, modern furniture, and home accessories. Keep reading, and you will find out why!


Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design 2

This place was founded in 2006 and started with a goal in mind: to be the best showroom for people who love modern design. At Lumens, modern design doesn’t mean limited design as they know that a modern design aesthetic can apply to everything from stark-white minimalism to an eclectic space that blends old and new styles—not to mention everything in between.

Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design

According to Lumens website, a modern design should have perspective and it should be comfortable, and easy on the eyes.

Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design 3

The showroom lighting selection includes ceiling lights, indoor and outdoor wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps in Arts & Crafts, contemporary, mid-century modern, and modern styles.

Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design 4

In addition, in an ongoing commitment to independent and emerging artists, the showroom carries a large selection of beautiful artisan lighting and you’re working on a project, Lumens’ team of lighting experts can help with technical specifications, design plans, and more. Basically, any lighting design will fit perfectly your home decor.

Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design 5 Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design 6

The design on the wall combines with the pendant lamp aesthetics, and the white shades in the sofa give harmony to this division. The diagonal pattern wooden floor also goes well with the pattern present on the wall. The lighting design is creative and simple at the same time. All this solutions and combinations are possible due to the help and expertise of Lumens’ team and the almost infinite variety of products in the store, making it possible to achieve the results that you want.

Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design 7

At Lumens, you can find a wide range of products that will help you to create a great project and achieve the result you are aiming for. The perfect way to find inspiration to start your home decor makeover.

Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design 8

All these pictures represent one feature in common: classy for your home decor. Tom Dixon chandelier, that is a graceful addition to another beautiful scenario. The colors work perfectly together and the geometry present here is easy to embrace. This image, in particular, is the type of image that is easy on the eye like Lumens promise.

Lumens Light And Living For Your House Design 9

Lumens also has several partnerships with several brands and you can find Tom Dixon, Alessi, FLOS products among other brands. Don’t miss the opportunity to check this brand and its showroom! You’re welcome. Lighting Stores team wishes you a nice day visiting Lumens: Light and Living!


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