Today we get you the opportunity to meet an incredible Luxury Design Specialist

Michele Plachter, the owner of the amazing interior design company Michele Plachter Design, counts with 20 years of experience. Committed to transforming your space into one that is fresh, timeless, and modern, their main focus is on residential homes with high and sophisticated design. Keep reading if you want to get to know more about this Philadelphia interior designer.

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Photo Courtesy : Michele Plachter

“Some of my most successful projects occur when clients allow us to guide them beyond their comfort zones and take calculated design risks that produce one-of-a-kind spaces,” says Michele.

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Haddonfield Estate

Photo Courtesy : Michele Plachter

We have selected two stunning projects and we are sure that you’ll fall as we did. The first one is this stylish home located in Haddonfield estate, characterized by its classic palette of black and white colors, dramatic lighting and contemporary yet a mid-century style feeling it’s an amazing luxury interior decor project. They completed transform the space into one that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Collins Bar Chair

If you feel inspired by the first luxury design project, you have to get to know Collins Bar Chair. A deluxe look for a chic bar or lounge residential area, perfect for a mid-century modern home. Doris bar chair looks like an upholstered accent chair on a tall frame. It features a rectangular shape on the back and a four tapered leg frame, accented by polished brass ferrules on the bottom.

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Washington Square Loft

Photo Courtesy : Michele Plachter

The second project located in Washington is a renovation of a completed loft. They transformed the space into a rustic and mid-century style with exposed beams, brick exposed walls and black kitchen cabinets. You can still feel the luxury interior decor vibe with details that pop our attention.

Cannoball Suspension light

The suspension light used in the second project got our attention easily. We present you Cannonball light pendant if you’re looking for the perfect explosion of luxury. Inspired by the boldness of a cannonball, this pendant lamp came to reinvent what mid-century modern design is.

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