One of the new trends for this year is the amazing indoor gardens, with the times that we are living right now, this trend gets even more importance. Today we will give some tips and advices on how to create the perfect indoor garden for your spring home renovation.

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Type of Indoor Garden

New Trends: How Create The Perfect Indoor Garden For Your Home

The first thing before creating an indoor garden you will have to decide the reason why you are creating it on in the first place. There are various goals to achieve with an indoor garden, maybe to grow some herbs to up your game in the kitchen. This herbs can be for example, rosemary, oregano, anise, thyme, marjoram or sage.
Another reason to have an indoor garden can be the aesthetic, an empty space, a lack of color on the room or just the need for a more unique decoration factor.
The third and final reason to have an indoor garden, can also be a result of the two before, the mental stability. Being near nature calms us down, having an indoor garden will certainly help to bring peace into the house. In times where are getting further from nature, an indoor garden can certainly be our daily nature dose.

A design space or a DIY project

New Trends: How Create The Perfect Indoor Garden For Your Home

After deciding the objective of your indoor garden is now time to decide on how to achieve. There are two ways here, you can follow a more DIY lane where you will use different materials and work on them to create the perfect indoor garden. This is a long run project that will probably take some time and most of the time will always look like a DIY garden, so don’t try to hide it. Ways to follow this route can be for example to use carboys or old boxes as vase to grow your plants, pencils to make sure that your flowers will grow up the right way.
Another way to the get the perfect indoor garden, is the design way, getting the right furniture and tools to achieve it.

The Space

New Trends: How Create The Perfect Indoor Garden For Your Home

One of the major aspects to have in mind is the space you have. Note that you don’t actually need a proper space on the floor. The best part of an indoor garden is that it can be on the walls or suspended. If you live in an apartment your floor space is precious, but you probably have some empty walls, there you can have a wall garden. Or if you have a lot of height space, maybe a suspended garden is a good way, with ropes and vase (well tied) you can have some green floating in your living room.

The Real Thing Takes Time

New Trends: How Create The Perfect Indoor Garden For Your Home

Another thing to have in mind while creating the perfect indoor garden is if you have to time to take care of it. Having a garden is amazing, but the plants and flowers require some care, some of them an everyday care. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to mother nature, you probably should follow a more “fake” way, plastic grass and flowers are a solution that many follow, especially in wall garden. This way you make sure that the wall doesn’t overgrow and needs no care, of course it doesn’t make the same job as the real thing would do.

The Best Choice

New Trends: How Create The Perfect Indoor Garden For Your Home

After following the above tips and advices, you are ready to create the perfect indoor garden, having all that in mind, find what’s best for you and your home. Maybe you just want nature, get some simple plants that require less care, if you want to grow your own herbs to cook make sure that you take care of them. If you are looking to just fill an empty space you may consider the plastic nature way. An indoor garden can give you a lot, but will also require a little effort from you.


New Trends: How Create The Perfect Indoor Garden For Your Home

Don’t forget that nature requires light, especially sunlight, having this in consideration having your plants and flowers near windows is the best option. Of course, if you choose to follow the fake plants option, sunlight is not a requirement. Besides sunlight, a proper lighting can help a lot to make your indoor garden shine his colors. Along this article we picked some amazing options that go pretty well with a indoor garden so make sure to check them out by clicking on the images.

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