One of the newest interior design trends of 2020 is that the size of the lighting fixtures is one of the most important points when choosing the right light for the right place. So today we tell you why bigger lighting is better for your interior design project while giving some inspirations that you can follow.

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Bigger is Better

New Trends: Why Bigger Lighting is Better

If you are not a fan of the now popular festoon lights (a big ammount of small bulbs in a line), bigger is definitely better and you should consider it when it comes to your 2020 lighting scheme. Lighting cannot be always about the funcionality and convenience. It is a major aesthetic and design element within your home and this year, the trend is to “go big or go home“. This year is not the year to go small and shy.


The Wow Factor

New Trends: Why Bigger Lighting is Better

The aim is to create a “Wow” factor and attract instant attention. More than lighting the room, these lighting fixtures will be a key element of the space that they are in. They must become the centerpiece, while fitting in with rest of the room.

How to use

New Trends: Why Bigger Lighting is Better

First of all, you will need space, find a center room with a high ceiling, generally the most popular rooms are big entrance lobbies and living rooms. The second point you must consider, is if the lighting fixture fits the room, you will probably need to adapt the room to the piece since she is the key element.
They will need to be taken care of, after being installed, since this are big pieces they generally have a big ammount of bulbs, this will take some work and attention, the piece will need to be cleaned and treated while in the room.


Chandeliers are a the best way to follow this design trend, they are usually big and their design makes them a key piece of the room they are in. We selected some, that will for sure cause the wow factor on anyone who steps into their room.

Pharo Chandelier

New Trends: Why Bigger Lighting is Better

Inspired by the structure of Lighthouses, Pharo Chandelier represents the rupture of the darkness with an imense, bright and luxurious shine, making it a key piece of the room! Made with Gold Plated Brass and Crystal Glass, this piece, is the perfect solution for wide spaces, able to swipe every attention in the room.

Empire XL Chandelier

New Trends: Why Bigger Lighting is Better

Inspired in the Empire State Building, Empire XL Chandelier has the extraordinary power to centralize any atmosphere and transform everything around. The perfect piece to exclusive ambience and to create a truly unique space.

Botti 250 Suspension

New Trends: Why Bigger Lighting is Better

Botti 250 Suspension is mid-century lighting design that was inspired by the American trumpet player as a tribute to jazz music. With a structure handmade in brass and boasting a sophisticated gold-plated finish. The brass chandelier goes as tall as 31,5 inches and uses 24 E14 bulbs, which are ingeniously placed at the end of the shades. Its unique shape and design make it the perfect hanging lamp to display on a mid-century modern living room, or a sophisticated hotel lobby. This piece will for use cause the wow factor and make your space a special one.

Tycho Chandelier

New Trends: Why Bigger Lighting is Better

Tycho Chandelier is a layered lighting fixture made of high-quality brass rings and crystal glass tubes. Highly decorative and elegant, the Tycho fits perfectly into modern lounges and dining areas. A remarkable and excentric piece to light any luxurious room.

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