There’s only so much you can do while you’re in Milan, these are some things you can cross on your wishlist!

Milan Italy is always a must visit for us, and next month especially because the event we will present you at the end of this article. Until then, discover a few other things you should do while you’re touring in the city.

About Italy: 

📍 Flea market

There are different kinds of in Italy—antique markets, second-hand markets and Mercato Delle Pulci (flea markets in Italian). Imagine how many unusual things you could find there: shoes, clothes, toys, jewelry, furniture, and even food. The most popular are situated in Venice, Rome, Milan, Arezzo, and Turin. It’s an excellent chance for collectors to find things that can no longer be found anywhere else, such as antique books, magazines, newspapers and other fashionable old stuff.

In Milan, you’ll find the prominent Mercatone dell’Antiquariato (Antiques Market) on the canal of Naviglio Grande in Lombardy, which takes place on the last Sunday of every month, except in July and August. It’s the perfect place to visit during Next month!

📍 Aperitivo Time in Milan

Aperitivo or Happy Hours is a Northern Italian tradition stemming from the . The trend has spread far to Turin, Florence, Rome, and Naples. Still, Milan remains the best place for an authentic Aperitivo experience. Aperitivo time starts at 6 pm or 7 pm when people leave work and university to get ready to relax with their friends before dinner.

There are plenty of places in Milan that offer . You just need to remember this magic phrase:

Dove posso fare un buon aperitivo.

Which means “Where can I have a good aperitivo?” You’ll be sure to get plenty of advice. Aperitivo Time last until 9 pm, which is a great opportunity for budget travelers.

📍 Isola Street Art

This is a great way to spend your time and explore the city. Milan is not only about Gucci and Prada handbag boutiques. The city offers so much more to fall in love with! It’s a city full of that embrace new forms of art such as street art, stencil graffiti, graffiti artwork, sticker art, etc.

The best spot in Milan to discover independent public art and graffiti is in the vibrant Quartiere Isola. Years ago, Isola was a type of “popular district”, where lower-class families used to live. The word “Isola” means “Island”, confirming the fact that the area was isolated from the rest of the city. Now it has turned into a giant open-air art gallery.

📍 Milano Music Week

And for the final review… Here you have k! The event you must attend during November, specifically from 19th until 25th of November. Milano Music Week is a full week dedicated to music to help the Italian music industry grow and enable young and emerging talents to take advantage of new opportunities.

The Reasons Why Milan Italy Should Be On Your Bucket List Next Month 8

The event is fully dedicated to the music industry, authors and artists. The event consists of a full week of initiatives, concerts, and meetings spread all over the city, including bars and clubs with important participation from the national and international music scene. So this is something you can’t actually miss! Let’s meet there? See you!


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