If you are thinking about traveling in September the destination must be Paris!

Covet Paris is located right in front of the Marché aux Puces des Antiquités de Saint-Ouen, and today we will take you on an intense and luxurious journey into the most breathtaking  you will ever see! Keep up with us and find out why you can’t miss visiting this showroom during ! 

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In the midst of the development of one of the most beloved design weeks in the world, Covet Paris, a much-desired  is waiting for your visit. Many visit this place to get inspiration or to get down to business with the design brands. Either way, it’s a worthy trip!


The showroom shows flat features a series of dazzling design sets that were designed by some of the most exclusive. Created to inspire the best projects, this space aims to be closer to all design lovers that visit this unique capital, by celebrating design with friends!

The striking showroom is exclusively located right in front of the Marché aux Puces des Antiquités de Saint-Ouen, as we previously told you, but in case you weren’t paying attention and didn’t read it! The showroom is comprised of two highly curated floors with the most cutting-edge furniture and . The ground floor is decorated with mesmerizing pieces from exquisite luxury brands, including the Ike Ceiling Lamp by DelightFULL.

The Reasons Why You Should Visit The Parisian Showroom Covet Paris 5

And the main reasons why you should visit this space? Besides all the others, we’ll present you the strongest 2 reasons!

1st: You will find a curated selection of products made by an experienced interior designer, which will make your projects unique!

2nd: It’s Paris, the city of lights, and probably the most inspiring place in the world, so if you’re not from Paris, do not hesitate to come and visit Covet Paris over the event.

The most and inspiring place you will find, and you won’t regret! ‘What are the opening hours’, you may be wondering, here they are:

Opening Hours:

Monday to Tuesday – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday to Friday – 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday to Sunday – 9:30 am to 7:00 pm


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