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DelightFULL’s Atomic Collection is Ready to Rock Your Design

DelightFULL’s lighting designs are able to touch the depth of personality, to create a different state of mind, to give unforgettable emotions and feelings by being expressed in each unique piece. The pieces are created with a soul by the craftsmen and designed with imagination, love and inspiration. You can find the uniqueness in every piece of DelightFULL’s creations, but today we will present you one of the speechless transformations of Atoms to the mid-century lighting design. Rock Your Design ideas with us!

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Atomic Ceiling Lamp was inspired by the composition of molecules of the atom and is exposing the mid-century modern era style. All of the spotlights are arranged like molecular forms and the modern ceiling light, comes to demonstrate what the mid-century style is all about. Handmade in brass and steel by Portuguese craftsmen, Atomic ceiling light spreads an exquisite gold-plated finish on the body, whilst the shades are lacquered a glossy black on the outside and a gold powder paint on the inside. This luxury lamp can be used in a hotel, restaurant, dining room interiors, as well as for a modern entryway.

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Atomic ceiling also fit perfectly as a bedroom ceiling room, especially in kids’ bedroom. Make your baby’s days more sweet.

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Atomic light pendant is a modern design interpretation of the atomic age, inspired by the atoms composition. This unique lighting design will make you speechless. An abstract composition of the non-conventional molecular forms for the luxury design lovers.

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The Atomic Collection lamps can also be used perfectly for Scandinavian style living room, representing a perfect example of classiness.


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