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World’s Interior Designs And The Nordic Influence

An approach of minimalism and aestheticism are hallmarks of contemporary Scandinavian designers. Their pieces and design create a simplistic elegance, which are reflected in the quality of light in the northern hemisphere, resulting in a modern and clean furniture decor of the homes of the most stylish residents of the regions. This article is a small guide to Scandinavian designers which are practiced today. See how the Nordic designers influenced world’s interior designs.

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How The Scandinavians Influenced World's Interior Designs

Scandinavian design is all about the starkly silhouettes and clean lines, which became very popular in nowadays mainstream. But do you really know what exactly is the Scandinavian design and what it features? Why did it become one of the most popular design styles in our developed world? How The Scandinavians Influenced World's Interior Designs1

First of all, the style emerged in the 50’s and was a part of a modern movement of Scandinavian design (such as Swedish, Danish, Finnish etc.)  that made a functionalism and affordability and priority over the luxury design. It is all about natural materials, pale colors and leggy furniture – for practical interiors.How The Scandinavians Influenced World's Interior Designs3Among minimalists, nowadays, this style is counted as a favorite one. The biggest differences can be found in the color palette and in the lighting, while there is a big deal of overlap between Scandinavian and the mid-century modern design styles. How The Scandinavians Influenced World's Interior Designs4

Nordic interiors tend to maximize lightness in interiors, whereas the mid-century modern aims to explore darker hues and work in low light.How The Scandinavians Influenced World's Interior Designs5

We suggest you to read a book called “New Nordic Design”, which might help you with a more detailed information regarding a source of minimalist inspiration and an amazing format which adopts features of online magazines.

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