Who said beach houses have to follow simple aesthetic? Today we bring you a modern beach house different of everything that you have ever seen. Big windows, unique furniture design pieces and even an amazing snooker table, this house have everything. Find more bellow.

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The Dining Room and Balcony

Take a Look At This Modern Beach House

The modern dining room is simple yet amazing, following a palette of neutral colors, this room counts with a metal black table and four padded dining chairs. This room is also connected to the balcony, through a big wall window creating the appearance that there is not even a division between them. The balcony has two outdoor armchairs with a center table. A a big dining table to gather friends and family outside to have a glorious meal with the sea view is also a part of the balcony
The floor is similar in every room that we will show you, with a grey color and a glassy look making it look modern and luxurious at the same time.

Coveted 20th Issue

The Play Room

Take a Look At This Modern Beach House

One of the biggest pluses in this apartment is definitely the play room, a modern snooker table creates the perfect room to have those disputed games between friends and family. Above it is the luxurious Matheny Snooker, this suspension lamp, although is made exactly for this purpose can also be used in other rooms such as a dining room or bedroom. The walls are filled with paint art creating a more colorful ambience, On the side room is also possible to see amazing designed furniture such as armchairs and sofas. On the floor there a classic rug making the place a little bit more comfortable.

The Living room and Dining Room

Take a Look At This Modern Beach House

The living room follows a more classic home style with colors that are not neutrals but brown and beige. A big sofa to make sure that everyone has a place to seat with a modern brown center table. A simple wooden tv stand with big shelves by the side. Another rug on the floor that follows the same color palette that the rest of the room. On the back of the room is possible to see once again, the modern dining room, but this time we can see something new. A big round corner sofa, ideal to complement both the living room and the dining room while filling an empty space.

Get The Look

Take a Look At This Modern Beach House

Matheny Snooker is the lighting used in this modern beach house, a unique chandelier with a geometric design of combined tubes. A structure handmade in brass reflecting the sophistication of a timeless iconic lamp. All in all, Matheny Snooker is a suspension lamp certainly capture the attention of your guests, casing the so desired “wow factor“.

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