Today we list you the best stillnovo lamps for your modern home. We all know the importance of good lighting on a home, but the design of this lighting is a big deal while designing a home. Stillnovo is one of many styles to follow and one of the best for kitchens, dining areas and mainly, for living rooms. Find this beautiful lighting pieces now.

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The Best Stillnovo Lamps for your Modern Home

Stillnovo is a retro design style born with italian designers from the 1950’s to the 1960’s, with wall lamps and art, throw pillows and standing lamps as the essential design ideas for this look. Suspension lamps are also a major part of this decor design. Retro style glass spheres, cylinders, and pendants are others details of this style.
Better than read is to see this style in action.

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Hank Suspension

The Best Stillnovo Lamps for your Modern Home

The first lighting piece is Hank Suspension, with a body in brass and a shade in aluminum. Hank has a unique telescopic tube with 27, 5″ or 70 cm and a body in gold plated with its shade in black matte. Perfect for a living room or entrance lobby this stillnovo lamp piece will for sure cause an impression on anyone that visits you.

Pastorius Floor Lamp

The Best Stillnovo Lamps for your Modern Home

The second piece of our list is Pastorius Floor Lamp, this unique brass floor lamp has two distinct diffusers that can be lit alternatively. With this distinctive feature you can choose where to point the light, making Pastorius, the ideal corner light for your stillnovo living room and reading corner, since this adaptable floor lamp can provide to any space the perfect reading lighting.

Meola Table Lamp

The Best Stillnovo Lamps for your Modern Home

One of simpliest pieces on this list, Meola Table lamp with a discrete size, showcases the merge between a mid-century design and a contemporary influence of today’s modern world. Meola can be used as a bedside lamp, since does not occupy much space on usually small nightstands, or can be a simple stillnovo lamp on any table to light the necessary space.

Stanley Floor Lamp

The Best Stillnovo Lamps for your Modern Home

Probably the best example of a stillnovo lighting piece, Stanley Floor Lamp is a vintage style floor lamp that will add effortless style to your stillnovo modern reading space with the possibility of having 1 to 3 moveable arms. This adjustable 3-light floor lamp holds three boom arms, creating custom light effects. Each shade is balanced by a weighted handle. Clean lines and a sculptural shape make Stanley a unique floor lamp perfect for anyone in search of the stillnovo living room and home.

Simone Wall Lamp

The Best Stillnovo Lamps for your Modern Home

Very similiar to the previous piece, Simone Wall Lamp with a glossy white shade and a iconic textile red wire, is a vintage wall light that fits in with a wide array of color schemes and styles. With three fully flexible arms made of aluminum and a structure in brass, this stillnovo modern sconce is easily adjustable when in need. Perfect as bedside lamp or as a workstation lamp, Simone will need for sure to be a part of your stillnovo home design.

Koben Suspension Light

The Best Stillnovo Lamps for your Modern Home

The final piece of our list, Koben Suspension Lamp is a modern chandelier with a structure that features details in brushed copper, brushed brass and aged brass. A very simple and unique piece, that will be a big part of your stillnovo living room, Koben can also be used on a bedroom mainly with clear colors.

That’s it, six different lighting pieces to get inspired and create the best stillnovo design on your home. Do you agree with our list?

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