With 100% Design getting closer and closer, we take a look at some of this edition’s best lighting pieces. 100% design is celebrating its 25th anniversary. and with that, you can expect an ambitious event, that takes place during London Design Week. Expect 100% Design to be one of the highlights of this year’s London Design Week.

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100% Design

100% Design opens its gates for the 25th time on the 18th of September and will end on the 21st of September. Multiple brands will use this event as the perfect opportunity to release brand new pieces to lighting up 100% Design.


100% Design

While companies may be releasing new products to the public, others actually want to showcase some of their most iconic pieces. For instance, Etta round chandelier is a perfect case of a lighting piece that will be featured in this year’s 100% Design.

One of DelightFULL’s most famous suspension pieces, Etta offers a mid-century chandelier that boasts an infamous mid-century influence.

100% Design

Janis floor lamp is an “enormous” and glamorous floor lighting piece that will add luxury and craftsmanship to any given room that Janis is present. With an iconic mid-century inspired design, Janis is another iconic piece from DelightFULL that is going to be present at 100% Design.

A luxurious and stylish piece that will look wonderful in any living room looking for a piece that can be a flashy, yet, luxurious piece that decorates your living room.

100% Design

While DelightFULL is showcasing their best sells and their classics, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have something up their sleeves. In this edition of 100% Design, DelightFULL is introducing to their catalogue their newest table lamp, Carter table lamp.

Bearing that classic mid-century inspired design, Carter table lamp also features traces of avant-garde design, that makes this table lamp feel timeless. Great addition as a bedside table lamp, or for commercial projects, like a hotel lobby.

A lighting piece that is deeply rooted in mid-century Los Angeles. Inspired by the great Dave Brubeck, the Brubeck collection is one of the most unique and successful collections that DelightFULL has.

This wall fixture is perfect for any dining room and living room that is looking for that extra luxurious piece.

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