Today Lighting Stores blog brings you the latest novelties about apartments for this year and each of them contains curated design products from the world’s best brands being displayed. Various modern lobby design apartments that contain products from some of the world’s best brands each help to make different types of moods and environments in your modern home. 2017 Trends for Modern Hallway Design Apartments is about creating the best lobby design standards to create comfort in your home so that you can create the ideal luxurious environment at your house entrance to receive family and friends.

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For us, our House Entrance Hallway Design Ideas is about creating the ideal office lobby design to improve your housing experience.

Modern Hallway

This is just one of the many ideas we want to share with you, our well-lit lobby is all, and because of that our suggestion goes to the magnificent  Luxxu´s Empire Chandelier.

Modern Hallway2

Another great solution includes the Monocles Sideboard by Essential Home, as creating a classic style for the room right alongside with Marcus table lamp by DelightFULL.

Modern Hallway3

This well-lit Hallway is all about Hanna´s pendant lamp by DelightFULL.

Modern Hallway4

This amazing Luxxu´s Waterfall Torch wall lighting is all about creating a classic style mood to the room.

Modern Hallway5

This well-lit room includes both vellum wall and suspension lights by Brabbu for a warm welcoming.

Modern Hallway6

The Charles 40 chandelier by DelightFULL, gives a classic touch to the room.

Modern Hallway7

The two well placed Stola armchairs by Brabbu and Liberty wall lamps make up for a well-lit room.

Modern Hallway8

The lightning in this room gives it a unique atmosphere thanks to the Coltrane lighting and Meola table lighting, both of them give also a more discreet mood.

Modern Hallway9

The Vellum suspension lights give a stylish presence to the room.

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