Kiev is one of the biggest cities in Europe. It is a bustling capital of independent Ukraine, its administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational center. Today we show you our best selection of lighting stores in the city!

Tech Lighting

For 25 years, Tech Lighting has been the industry leader in low-voltage lighting systems and contemporary decorative fixtures. Since inception, they have expanded well beyond our roots, and today our portfolio transcends specific aesthetic and categorical definitions – and instead is rooted in innovative, original design and uncompromising quality across a myriad of lighting solutions. In recent years, they have gained broad recognition on the architectural side of our business for balancing an absolute passion for every design detail with a deep concern for the way our fixtures illuminate a space; we never lose site of the individuals who actually use our products. They care about what they care about. Couple their focus on design and innovation with our rigorous testing & quality control as well as our unsurpassed level of customer service and technical assistance, and we hope our passionate commitment to you and all our industry partners is evident in everything they do.


tech lighting


Kley Design

Yova Yager is an Ukrainian designer, co-founder and owner of the design studio «Kleydesign». The workshop was founded in 2008 with partner Ira Miller. Activities of the workshop are very diverse. We create space, decoration, product design, art installations. Our favorite thing is to design and produce product design. We like to experiment with the quality and the properties of different materials. We participate in competitions, exhibitions, lectures, we shoot videos, our articles have been printed in design magazines and that’s not all. Over the past three years, the studio has focused its activities in the field of commercial interiors: restaurants, bars and cafes. Our motto: we don’t apply for genius, just create the mood. Humor and self-irony are the main components of our projects.

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M.I.K Design

M.І.K” LTD is a multi-specialized company that offers the best lighting and interior design for your objects. In our showrooms we will help you to create design projects for your premises, offer samples and novelties, choose the best lighting, furniture, sanitary ware from leading European manufacturers. Project Department experts of “M.I.K Project” are ready to assist in the light designing of private premises, offices and industrial buildings, architectural and decorative lighting of buildings and monuments as well as streets, squares and parks, industrial enterprises and their territories.


The best lighting design stores in Kiev The best lighting design stores in Kiev


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