In Southwestern Europe, in Portugal, Lisbon is a city full of culture that makes your Shopping experience unforgettable, specially when you are shopping Lighting Design. Discover our favorite Lighting Stores in Lisbon!




The mission of the brand is to contribute to the well-being of people through a wide range of innovative lighting solutions, functional but  with design, and competitive prices to provide the ideal environment.


The best lighting design stores in Lisbon Gillamp



The responsibility of the brand is to adapt the light to the form and function of the space, providing a physical and emotional sensation. The team is composed by architects, engineers and interior designers, specialized in lighting designs.


The best lighting design stores in Lisbon Aliflux


João Lopes Iluminação

It’s a shop dedicated to the import and custom lighting sale, where you can buy lamps in stainless steel, brass, iron, niclados, wood, but also lampshades by measure of all designs and materials.
Currently is supplier of a wide portfolio of stores and works with many designers and architects, standing at the forefront of that best creates in the lighting market.


The best lighting design stores in Lisbon João Lopes Iluminação



The store offers lamps with desired size and in various finishes. It also has a very full range of lamps of various shapes, sizes, and bushings with different levels of efficiency energy , as well as latest LED technology. In electrical equipment, it has all the material in the area for any work or remodeling, as well as all the necessary components for lighting and add to the efficiency and decorating any space.


The best lighting design stores in Lisbon ObscuraLuz



It’s a company with more than 12 years, dedicated to the LED technology (Video panels for applications in the Exterior and Interior) from the beginning of its activity.


The best lighting design stores in Lisbon Mundiluz



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