The Russian capital offers as well a great Lighting Design world. Moscow is a dazzling mix of medieval style and in this time of the year, winter, is so magical and unique.
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Light and Design


Light and Design group has offered professional solutions for indoor, outdoor and landscape lighting since 1998. The company cooperates with European producers, have good reputation. Since 2006, Light and design is an official representative of the Austrian factory XAL (Xenon Architectural Lighting) in Russia since 2006. Light and Design cooperates with such companies as Viteo, Wever & Ducré, Bel Lighting, Planlicht, Axo Light, Catellani & Smith, de Majo, Moooi, Quasar, Tobias Grau, Brand van Egmond, Fabbian, Fontana Arte, Ingo Maurer, Santa & Cole и др.


The best lighting design stores in Moscow


Moscow & Pullman

The MBS and PBS staff is proud to work for, and to be a part of, a long-term locally owned business. They invite you in to experience the pleasure of old fashioned customer service and the convenience of one stop shopping for all your building needs.


The best lighting design stores in Moscow moscow


Tom Dixon

Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British product design brand. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by the nation’s unique heritage and produces extraordinary objects for everyday use.


The best lighting design stores in Moscow tom dixon


Dpa Lighting

Different light solutions but just a single way of being a company: this new brand of lighting, based in the Treviso area, offers “made in Italy” products for the contract furnishing sector in particular. Its products are successfully innovative, elegant and functional. With an average age of just over 30 years old, the work team has already gained longstanding experience in the lighting sector. The company project of LIGHT4, however, is based on a desire to open up new market horizons.


The best lighting design stores in Moscow store


Musco Lighting

Using LED and metal halide light sources, Musco delivers customized lighting solutions for sports and large-area venues around the world. We have invested more than 35 years researching and testing lighting technology, and the precise science of light control. The results are affordable, energy-efficient solutions that provide the highest quality of light, while minimizing spill light and glare. Our trouble-free lighting systems carry an industry leading warranty complete from foundation to poletop.


The best lighting design stores in Moscow musco

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