Considered the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto is a great city to find the best lighting design stores.
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Universal Lamp 


Since 1949, Universal Lamp has been one of the go-to locations for interior designers, as they have huge choice for interior and exterior lightening. Their North York showroom is always abuzz with activity, but you can also shop online.


The best lighting design stores in Toronto universal lamp


Victorian Revival


As the name suggests, Victorian Revival is an antique lighting seller, buyer and restorer. Love those old advertising signs with neon lights? They have those, and so much more, like deco table lamps, Venetian glass fixtures, and arts and crafts pendants. Not “retro” style ones, but real antiques, (usually) one-of-a-kind items; so if you see something you like, snap it up, as you may not see it for long!


The best lighting design stores in Toronto victoria revival




Looking for a unique touch to brighten a room? Owner and designer Dean Lee at Studio Lampcage makes custom lighting with a whimsical touch, using thin rod iron and glass, found objects and salvage to create beautiful drop stars, pendants and bell chandelier shapes. Each design has that individual stamp to illuminate the mind and the space.


The best lighting design stores in Toronto lamp cage


Dark Tools


Dark Tools in Leslieville is an architectural lighting distributor run by Glenn Boccini and his extended team of specialists. They carry contemporary architectural, decorative and creative LED lights, but their forte is really customer service, working one on one with clients to find the perfect lighting fixture for their project.


The best lighting design stores in Toronto dark tools


Lightform and Flos


This Niagara St. shop has almost a museum feel, showing the most unique and cutting edge of lighting design. This is where architects and designers go to for those standout fixtures that define their buildings, where the lighting is incorporated in or stands out in, never just some dinky lamp on a table.


The best lighting design stores in Toronto lightform and flos

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