When you are decorating your home you’ll realize that it is tiny details that end up making the biggest difference like Table Lamp Design.
While the style, theme and color scheme of the room define it, it is lighting that ultimately sets the mood and creates an ambiance of your choice.




In fact, a simple change in Design Lighting can completely alter a room’s vibe and turn it from a dull, boring space into a cozy, inviting retreat or even a cheerful and exciting hub.
To know how to choose the perfect table lamp design, starts to find the right spot.




The table lamp Gem by Koket, is such a beautiful lighting fixture. Combine timeless charm, modern allure and glamorous illumination.
The Table Lamps aren’t just for bedside tables, you can use them as master piece on your Hallway for example.



Sizing thinks up is another tip to choose the perfect Table Lamp Design. The general norm here is to pick a lamp where the bottom of the shade is at your eye level when you are seated or resting. This works whether you are shopping for a table lamp that fits your reading nook, a beside lamp, or even one that goes next to the couch in the living room.


luxury table lamp design

This table lamp design by Nella Vetrina illuminates a dark room and easily can be a statement bold piece with simple accents.
Play with the style. A variety can perfectly fit in with the exclusive and exceptional style of your home. Another approach is to use the table lamp to usher in a completely different lighting styles, giving the room a radiant focal point.




A world of colours. Multi-colored delights like the Apache Lamp by Brabbu allow you to bring in almost any hue of your choice, marble table lamps with a modern vibe in blue continue to provide that intelligent brightness.


mix and match table lamps

The table lamp design that you choose to your living space don’t need to combine, just Mix and Match.
For an unique look, try mixing two completely different table lamps with similar colors or geometric shapes to give the room visual symmetry with a fun twist!

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