Another week means another row of lighting stores in a different city!

The best lighting stores in Toronto are full of everything you need to give your home decor the best light buddy. Essential to and necessary to see in the dark, lighting makes all the difference. So let’s see what Toronto has to show you the best!

Lighting Stores On Tour: 

Eclectic Revival

Eclectic Revival started in 1985 selling everything from furniture and to glass, China and other small pieces. However, after 1988 they have devoted exclusively to the antique traveling extensively through North America and Europe to find great quality pieces for their collection. The Junction shop is known as a glowing Toronto source of period lighting, as well as brilliant custom pieces incorporating reclaimed materials and fixtures. May inspire terrible lighting puns, which, like antiques, never get old.



It’s a furniture store. No, it’s a store. No, wait – it’s a furniture and store, we’re pretty sure! This is the Toronto haven for , with plenty of inexpensive reproductions to keep you from going bankrupt too quickly. Morba is where Toronto’s lighting goes to be seen. Every weird lamp ever created must be stashed somewhere in this packed warehouse/lounge. So we totally recommend you this amazing to give a visit.


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Lightform on Niagara St. is the Toronto showroom of the Edmonton-based . Expect lighting fixtures from a globe-spanning selection of high-end brands, from functional and sleek lamps to opulent chandeliers to showstopping pendants. A lighting store where you will find everything to fit your needs.


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Mjรถlk is an interior design store in the Junction. As the offspring of Scandinavia-philes John Baker and Juli Daoust, Mjรถlk is a chapel for Nordic homeware and has all the tacit qualities of a long glass of Harmony. Baker and Daoust decided to open the store together after years of collaborative scavenging hunts and renovations, which were inspired by their collective love of interior refurbishment. They are known for being clean, functional design inherent in both Scandinavian and Japanese furnishings.

Dark Tools

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Dark Tools is a lighting store and distributor located in Leslieville. Their 9000 square foot facility is designed to demonstrate different lighting possibilities with setups from various manufacturers. Their selection includes architectural, decorative, and creative LED for every kind of lighting job. Go give it a visit and enjoy one of our favorite lighting stores in Toronto.

Lighting Stores On Tour:

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