A new day, a new city, Athens is the capital and largest city in Greece. A center for the arts, learning and philosophy, widely referred to as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy, mostly because of its cultural and political impact on Europe. This ancient city is our choice of the day, where we give you the best lighting stores in Athens.

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Box Interiors

The Best Lighting Stores in Athens

📍 Adress:  106 71; 31 Solonos STR. ; Athens
Box Interiors is a design store that offers services like budget calculation, landscaping and of course interior design services such as lighting. They deliver designs that aspire to the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship and beauty. For over a decade, the company has been providing ideal, one-stop turnkey solutions to the hospitality, residential and restaurant sectors, specialising in the niche market of boutique hotels.

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Mavros Lighting

The Best Lighting Stores in Athens

📍 Adress:  14452 ; 157 G. Papandreou Street; Metamorphosi, Athens
Mavros describe themselves as passionate for art, hard work and a high sense of responsibility. Main characteristics of MAVROS interior design light fixtures company since its establishment in 1962. Started as a small lighting craft shop in the suburbs of Athens, today the has expanded and is consolidated as one of the leading lighting manufactures firms in Greece due to the high quality and the designing of the products. The brand is established in a proprietary facilities in Metamorphosi, Athens, and it constitutes an integrated lighting production unit. Their great variety of interior lights, both for domestic and professional use offers unique lighting solutions.

Fischer Honsel

The Best Lighting Stores in Athens

📍 Adress: Various resellers through Athens
Fischer-Honsel develops, manufactures and sells decorative home, hotel and business lighting. The company was founded in 1833, formerly Gebr, having now more than 175 years of history. Whether modern floor lamps, classic chandeliers, or just economical LED ceiling lights, for a work space, dining room, or bathroom the brand offers a wide range of harmonious and decorative lighting for the best interiror design work.

Gallis Lighting

The Best Lighting Stores in Athens

📍 Adress: 18 346 ; 3 Leykados & Artis str, Athens
GALLIS is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of
decorative and architectural lighting in Greece
Established in 1987, the brand. solidified and continued advancing 
the succesful lighting trade operation founded 40 years ago.  The company produces a wide range of luminaires addressing diverse design, technical, and lighting requirements for indoor and outdoor applications.

Design MODules

The Best Lighting Stores in Athens

📍 Adress: 23 Aristotelous Street, Kallithea 17671, Athens
Design.Modules is a design store created by Guy Stefanou, a set designer, and Michalis Fragkis, an economist. Their products are produced after an impulsive treatment of the materials based on inspiration.
Simple materials and hand-process are the resources used to give the pieces a new value. The products can respond to every space configuration, as most of them can be customized to the client needs and requirements creating a unique interior design.

Editor’s Choice

As usual now is time for our weekly recommendations related to our city, today Athens. You can find all this pieces at our Lighting Stores Shop

Vellum Wall Lamp

The Best Lighting Stores in Athens

In ancient manuscripts, messages were written on vellum, a fine and translucent material. Vellum Wall is inspired by this ancient source of communication. Featuring a top in glossy hammered aged brass and a base in Nero Marquina marble, every story you create in your home will be highlighted by the warmth of Vellum Wall Light.

Cypres Floor Lamp

The Best Lighting Stores in Athens

The city of philosophy and thinking, making Cyres Floor Lamp the best choice for a Athens Lover. Cypres is a tree of many symbolisms and ornamental capabilities. Our Cypres Floor Light was inspired by it, featuring a structure in glossy gold plated brass and shaders in gold plated brass and a base in white marble. This contemporary floor lamp is sure to impress in a modern interior design.

Botti 150 Suspension

The Best Lighting Stores in Athens

Athens, a cultural city, filled with theatres, concerts and ancient history, We had to choose a music related piece to honor this city, Botti 150 Suspension is inspired by the American trumpet player as a tribute to jazz music. With a structure handmade in brass and boasting a sophisticated gold-plated finishis. Its unique shape and design make it the perfect hanging lamp to display on a mid-century modern living room, or a sophisticated hotel lobby.

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