The summer is here so it’s time to get inspired and create the best outdoor decor for your home. Thinking about you, we selected the best outside looks so that you can create a beautiful, luxurious and relaxing space in the comfort of your home, but outside of it. If you are also looking for the Outdoor Trends 2020 you can check our ebook here.

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Our first look of the day brings some serious summer vibes, palm trees, the clear sky and an outdoor bathtub. This room is basically a luxurious balcony with walls and no roof. Ideal to relax and enjoy life while getting sunlight on the skin, but at night the two wall lamps, Galliano II, give the right amount of light to feel outside with the inside comforts.

Find The Best Outside Looks To Get Inspired For This Summer

What about this luxurious beach living room? This unique room is ready for the best beach day, with white colors, that are perfect for high temperatures, a one of kind armchairs to rest and relax and of course the glamorous floor lamp, Janis Floor. Every single piece in the room helps creating a space to appreciate life in luxury, you can literally just get up and go walk on the beach.

Find The Best Outside Looks To Get Inspired For This Summer

Graphic Letters, this way you can create whatever you want or need. In this mansion the owner chooses to “WOW” every home guest once they get into the property. Not only a lighting piece, this letter is more of an art piece, helping to fill an empty space with unique decoration, the colors here, also perfectly fit with the home environment.

Find The Best Outside Looks To Get Inspired For This Summer

This one is not exactly outside, but it’s a very close one, with the windows wide open the rooms becomes one with the outdoors. Near to the pool, is ideal to relax with the water cooling the temperatures or to receive pool guests. Right beside the chairs is the lighting piece we want you to see, the Ivete Palmtree is a unique floor lamp, a glamorous piece, it’s ideal to bring the luxury and the exotic to any room.

Find The Best Outside Looks To Get Inspired For This Summer

Once again the open doors, room with a wooden floor balcony by the side, the owners clearly wanted to be able to unify rooms but without ruining them. That’s where you can see the importance of good lighting, with less artificial light on the outside, this space becomes perfect for relaxation, reflection and to rest. With the very simple ceiling light and two wall lamps just giving the right amount of light needed. This wall lamps are once again the Galliano I wish just one tube this time.

Get The Looks

Galliano II

Find The Best Outside Looks To Get Inspired For This Summer

Galliano wall lamp is a special lighting piece, featuring a minimalist style that allows Galliano to fit in almost any interior home décor. Galliano produces a unique lighting effect, in which, the light is cast through Galliano’s tubes, creating a smooth lighting effect. This piece can be outside or inside, in a living room or a bathroom. Every room is perfect for galliano.

Janis Floor Lamp

Find The Best Outside Looks To Get Inspired For This Summer

Janis is a mid-century modern floor lamp design, inspired in Janis Joplin’s music “Best of The Best Gold”, Janis floor lamp is 100% handmade in brass. Covered by a golden bath, this entrance floor lamp was designed to make a powerful statement with its mid-century modern design. With almost 67 inches, boasting a high quality craftsmanship.

Ivete Palmtree Lamp

Find The Best Outside Looks To Get Inspired For This Summer

Ivete is a mid-century modern floor lamp that is shaped as a palm tree, that features a square carrara marble base and gold plated brass leaves. Its design makes this lighting fixture the perfect decorative piece for an exotic environment, which can be used in a modern living room or a stylish dining room. Make your interior home décor groovy and stylish.

Galliano I Wall Lamp

Find The Best Outside Looks To Get Inspired For This Summer

Made of iron with a matte black exterior and a gold powder paint interior finishing, Galliano produces a unique lighting effect when you see light being casted thought its pipes. You can have its finishes customized as well as the number of its tubes that can go up to 3. Ideal as a decorative bathroom wall lighting or as an entrance lighting, Galliano wall lamp will certainly elevate the decoration of your space, outdoor or indoor with his minimalist style.

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