Today is that day of the week, we bring you one of your favorite signatures on the blog, with the best lighting stores in Warsaw. This time we will travel back to Europe, and look for the most unique designs in the most popular lighting stores in Poland.

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📍 Adress: Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48a/lok. B1, 01-242
Lafaktoria produces original, modern and stylish lighting designs from worldwide designers such as Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and of course Poland. They create decorative lighting for private apartments as well as public interiors. A long product line with fashionable standing, hanging lamps, decorative sconces and plafonds, crystal chandeliers, LED.




📍 Adress: Burakowska 15, 01-066
Bylight’s production process always starts in the same place – the drawing board. Once the project is ready, a prototype is created, which, after corrections, becomes the final product .
They want to touch everything, check, model, press, stretch so that a true work of applied art is created. That is why over 90% of elements and details of the lamps are made by hand or by machines operated by people. They have no place for automation, robotization or creating thousands of the same products.



📍 Adress: Bakalarska 34, 02-212
LUMINOSFERA is a place for those who value good light, anytime, anywhere. It is lighting for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, study, garden, office, shop, public space and any unusual projects.
With a team that will advise, design, consult designs and even mount selected lamps at the customer’s desired place.

Spectra Lighting


📍 Adress: Ostródzka 53, 03-289
The company Spectra Lighting started operating on the lighting market in 2003, the main goal of the company is professional lighting design and sale. They also provide comprehensive investment service in the field of lighting supply, combined with professional consulting in the field of lighting technology. They have their own production plant in Załuski near Warsaw. Thanks to that, they are able to adapt to the customer requirements. Starting from changing the color or dimension, to creating completely new products, specially dedicated to the investment

Exclusive Lights


📍 Adress: Malborska 41, 03-286
Exclusive Lights operates in the modern lighting industry since 1996. They focus on original shapes, colors and unique materials. It is an offer for the most demanding customers who are looking for the best solutions in arranging their apartment. With a range that includes modern living room, ceiling lamps, sconces, halogen spotlights, fixtures and many more products from well-known brands from Spain, Italy and Poland.
In-saloon designers that can help the customer in the moment of choosing lighting for a specific interior and prepare optimal price offers.


After listing the best lighting stores in Warsaw is now time to give you two lamps that are similiar to scandinavian style or that are available in the previous stores, but without the need to go to Poland to buy them, you can order them anywhere in the world.

Coleman Floor


Coleman is the ideal mid-century modern floor light to be placed next any 1950 modern furniture piece, like your industrial office couch or desk.

Marcus Table


With only 11 inches, Marcus Table Lamp, is handmade in brass, aluminum, steel and acrylic, which are all combined to make the best lighting design.

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