Are you looking for inspiration for your summer home renovation? You came to the right place, today we will get inside a mid-century luxurious home so that you can get the right tips and motivation to change your home into a mid-century home.

You can visit this amazing home by yourself with our brand specialist!
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Times have changed, with internet we can be anywhere while not leaving the same place. So about a visit to the ultimate mid-century home? Now it’s possible with DelightFULL and Essential Home’s virtual tour, with the best lighting pieces and designed furniture you can see how these pieces combine together to create a mid-century house.

Get Inside A Mid-Century Luxurious Home

If you are looking for unique design pieces that can fit or start you mid-century home decor, this virtual tour is for you. You will be able to touch everything, yes in this house you can touch everything, by clicking on the pieces you are interested in, you can see all the information you need. And you will not be alone, by booking the virtual tour you get a person specialized on our products that will guide and help you through the mid-century home. And it’s not only for English speakers, you can choose the language that you feel the most comfortable with, for the virtual tour.

Get Inside A Mid-Century Luxurious Home

A luxurious home filled with mid-century lighting and furniture, all these pieces are handcrafted by the best artisans in Portugal and be customized to your own needs, if you loved one piece, but want it bigger, you can have, if you want it in copper, you can have. By doing the virtual tour you can see what works and combines well together and get the best combinations for your projects.

Get Inside A Mid-Century Luxurious Home

Are you still not convinced? By visiting the virtual home, you will be contacted with a sales specialist, and don’t worry, they won’t pressure you into buying what you don’t need, but they will give you a special discount. Can you picture your dream mid-century living room created with an amazing price?

Get Inside A Mid-Century Luxurious Home

Sneak Peek

Now that we showed you how to book and visit the ultimate mid-century home, we will give a sneak peek of some pieces that you will be able to find during the tour. Make sure to look for this unique lighting pieces and see how good they fit with the decor style.

Nancy Wall

Get Inside A Mid-Century Luxurious Home

One of the pieces that you can visit at this virtual tour is one of the newest ones, Nancy Wall, this lighting piece is handmade in brass and aluminum and has six golden arcs, a typical art déco detail. With a unique design this wall lamp is a key element on our mid-century home

Turner Table

Get Inside A Mid-Century Luxurious Home

Our next lighting piece is Turner a large table lamp that is handmade in brass and aluminum. With a unique design that counts, with five movable arcs can be rotated into the desired position, which makes this table lamp also a fun element of the room. Make sure to check Turner Table Lamp and see how it can change a room completely.

Duke Floor

Our last piece is Duke Floor, perfect as a corner floor lamp this retro-styled lamp is a key decorative piece for every mid-century interior design. Each cone lamp shade is conducted by a brass arm and its counterweight. Make sure to take a look at Duke Floor while doing the virtual tour

So are you interested in doing this unique virtual home tour and see every piece in action?
You can book the virtual tour here!

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