Today we get you inside another extraordinary home, this time a ground-floor apartment where comfort was the key goal. A mix of minimalism and utility that help creating an ideal space for a family to live in. Find more about this home in Ljubljana, Slovenia and get inspired to create your own space of comfort and luxury.

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The Bedroom

Get Inside This Ground-Floor Apartment Full Of Comfort

The bedroom follows a simple and luxurious aesthetic, with a wall in upholstery helping to create a more comfortable space and glamourous at the same time. This room is also connected to the bathroom, having a washbasin, a luxurious black bathtub and a big mirror by the bathtub on the wall that makes sure that no detail is missed. By the bed a big window with a garden that creates a unique and uninterrupted room that goes from a garden to a bathroom and bedroom.

Get Inside This Ground-Floor Apartment Full Of Comfort

The bathroom shows perfectly the minimalism side of the house, a simple and unique sink, soap and a hanging mirror. Behind is the unique Coltrane Wall Lamp, a Mid-century modern lamp with two asymmetrical lamps of up and down light creating a wonderful lighting effect with the gold and black contrast.

The Living Room

Get Inside This Ground-Floor Apartment Full Of Comfort

The living room has two main colors, being white and soft blue. The kitchen, with a white coloring style makes sure that is different from the living room. Creating once again, a big room with two different divisions on it. The living room itself, has a big sofa to fit the entire family as well a rug, both together create another comfort space in the house.
It is also possible to see another big window connecting the room to the outside while making sure that enough natural light gets in during the day. At the kitchen a big round suspension lamp lights every meal and a linear modern lamp every cook made at the kitchen counter

The Outside

Get Inside This Ground-Floor Apartment Full Of Comfort

A simple outside, with wooden floor and green grass as well as outdoor furniture such as round outside stools and sphere lighting. Both create a space of comfort to relax and enjoy life. Once again the minimalism style was an option not forgetting the cold weather sometimes. This way, the space can be used on sunny days and being easily cleaned a tidy in rainy/snowy days, making it a useful space for the homeowners.

Get The Look

Get Inside This Ground-Floor Apartment Full Of Comfort

Handmade in steel by skilled artisans, Coltrane Wall is a great example of how less is more. This wall light fixture has matte black and gold powder paint finishes, which give it a more contemporary style as well a mid-century style. It is prepared to be used in more humid atmospheres, making it the perfect outdoor or bathroom sconce as in this project.

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