Maison et Objet close its doors, but we have so many memories and news to share with you. Starts with VITA, their Stand was amazing with their unique pieces and new collections.
The brand is a place where beautiful Danish Modern Lighting meets the Scandinavian Style, high-quality materials and a genuine care for the environment.

vita copenhagen design lighting

The lamp design are created with a focus on aesthetics, simplicity  and functionality.
All of the lamps are packed in compact gift boxes to optimize worldwide logistics and storage costs, thereby reducing the environmental footprint on our planet.
Simple and sincere, the concept for a brighter future that what the brand presented at Maison et Objet.

acorn polished brass vita lighting design

The lighting design brand presented at Maison et Objet 2016 Paris, two new pieces, the elegant Acorn and versatile Riples Curve.

VITA Acorn

Acorn lighting reminds us a peaceful forests. Breathe in the fresh crisp air. Listen to the sound of the wind playing with the leaves. Admire the small, delicate acorns lying at the roots of the majestic oaks.

acorn lighting at maison et objet
The Acorn consists of three parts: a soft silicone cup, a smooth outer shell of glass and a kernel in a distinctive metallic fininsh, all interlacing in a dainty symphony. The Acorn may be small but it holds a bright world inside.


Vita acorn lighting design

This is a memory you want to keep. It’s simple and picturesque.

VITA Riples Curve

With their small waves formed by the soft breeze over the calm sea, is what inspired our designers to create the VITA Ripples lampshade design.
Ripples embodies the Nordic feel and beauty, its timeless design will bring into your home that cosy feeling of warmth and harmony we all seek whenever we look for our own relaxing oasis.


VITA lighting design presented at maison et objet


The VITA presented at Maison et Objet three different shapes of Ripples Lamps, the Slope, the Cusp and the Curve. Either used in a straight line or in a random cluster, these minimalistic lamps will offer you just the right amount of light needed for that special evening.


VITA Ripples curve at maison et objet


We just love the VITA stand at Maison et Objet, the collections were amazing even the simple packaging and the easy way to setting the pieces.



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