We still don’t know if we’re ready for this, are you? You just step into the future!

The traditional suburban home with a wraparound porch still exists, and maybe always will, but it won’t be the standard house designs option in the future. Today we are here to show you what tomorrow will look like! Are we still gonna be here to see this? So many questions we have, what about you? Keep reading and we might answer some of your questions!


The “Simple” Ecocapsule

These Are The House Designs Of The Future

As cities grow and lifestyles change, the homes we decide to live in will change as well. In fact, we are already starting to see unique modern homes alternatives. We’re already starting to see many options for tiny homes, like the Ecocapsule that is meant to support you living entirely off the grid. Its lighting design is solar- and wind-powered, but if both options fail there’s a battery that will allow the pod to run for three to four days.


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The ecocapsule, which costs $87,000, has a unique egg shape to minimize heat loss and capture rainwater that is filtered in a water tank. Because it’s so tiny, the interior design must be very simple. Keep in mind shipping can cost as much as $3,890 depending on where you are. We are noticing that the future is expensive, isn’t it?


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If the ecocapsules you have been seeing here are too small for your liking, you can try the ALPOD — a small mobile home made out of aluminium. Regardless the lighting design, it has a skylight and sliding doors to provide natural air. Some of these already exist and you are able to actually visit them, but others we are going to show you, are too many futurists. If you’re a fan of mid-century modern homes, you might like what you’ll see.

Tiny is The Future

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Harvard students actually designed tiny homes for future getaways, but we wouldn’t be surprised if these innovative designs were used for more long-term purposes some day. And they will, for sure.

Modular homes

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Modular homes are only going to become more popular. Above you see a prototype of such a home that was designed by French architecture firm Multipod Studio. This penthouse design contains all modern lighting and modern designs. Looks like it just got out of a movie about the future!

PopUp House

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The PopUp House costs between $1,200 and $1,900, not including the cost of the construction team that comes to put it together. The best part is it can be built in just four days using an electric screwdriver. The future of house designs will include ones like the PopUp House that can easily be taken apart and put back together.

Taller Building, taller the Future

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As buildings get taller, your entire living experience might actually take place in a building, according to futurist Ian Pearson, a fellow at the World Academy of Arts and Science. Not only the exterior is this fancy, but also the interior design is very unique, with modern lighting and fantastic aesthetics. This could actually result in buildings becoming their own mini-cities.

There could even be underwater cities

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There will be aquatic communities in 100 years that will be powered by the waves and solar. I know what you are thinking, this is insane for us as well. We all becoming fiches in 2118!

Floating City

These Are The House Designs Of The Future (9) These Are The House Designs Of The Future (10)

You could potentially even live in a floating city. This floating city concept, called Aequorea, would house 20,000 residents and be built using garbage. We are still trying to figure it out how this insane house designs would be conceived. Aequorea is still in concept phase, but it provides a glimpse of how people are thinking of the future of interior design.

Space colonies

These Are The House Designs Of The Future (11)

Perhaps even space colonies are not too far off. It’s predicted space communities could emerge as asteroid mining becomes a viable commercial enterprise. Yes… Don’t even ask…

These Are The House Designs Of The Future (12)

There’s no telling if all these concepts for the future homes will play out, but one thing is for sure: how we live is bound to change.


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