Transform your room into a whole different world!

Instead of the usual design, make it pop by using a themed bedroom. One common idea is to deck out a kid’s bedroom in a sports theme. It can be football, soccer, hockey, racing, or a combination of sports. If your kid loves sports, this is the dream bedroom. However, this is a guilty pleasure for adults too! Admit it, you always dreamt about this, right? Now you can have it (we won’t tell anybody)!


Sports Theme

Learn To Rock Themed Bedroom Ideas Like A Professional

There are tons of sports ideas you can use when decorating the bedroom. You can use actual sports items such as balls, a basketball basket, or hockey sticks. Instead of physical sports items, you can paint them on the walls. Another idea is to put up sports memorabilia around the bedroom. It would be especially great if you had signed memorabilia such as a ball, racket, or jersey to place in a display case. There are so many ideas to make your bedroom decor so unique, you just have to search a little bit.

Learn To Rock Themed Bedroom Ideas Like A Professional 2

The possibilities are endless. You can go as far as recreating a mini hockey or football field on the floor or on the wall. You can even include a large sports mascot. You could also use sports art to create a sporty bedroom. It can be anything from a large painting on the wall to a blown up picture of a special sports moment. As you can see, you can do LITERALLY everything when it comes to transforming your interior design into a sports theme.

Tropical Theme

Learn To Rock Themed Bedroom Ideas Like A Professional 3

A luxurious green wall color fits perfectly with the bold botanical prints of the bedspread. The effect is chic and summery, balanced out by the cool tones. It evokes a calm scene in a leafy shade as opposed to beating sun: perfect for slipping off to sleep. The green walls are not limited to a summery effect, however.

Learn To Rock Themed Bedroom Ideas Like A Professional 4

A more subtle bedroom scheme, for winter months, can be achieved through a grey or blush pink linen bedding. Indeed, pink is the ideal accent to greens, from the soft blush of the hummingbird picture to a fierce fuchsia candle. Many home interiors secrets are being revealed here, don’t you think?

Game Of Thrones Theme

Learn To Rock Themed Bedroom Ideas Like A Professional 5

You can have your favorite TV show/series inside your bedroom and pretend you’re living it! We know Game Of Thrones is your all-time favorite show, that is why we want to show you how can you pull it off without being too dramatic. The style is similar to a vintage room, kind of medieval, so you have to be careful with the elements you choose to represent this so unique style!

Learn To Rock Themed Bedroom Ideas Like A Professional 6

You can represent the era of the show, and rock a vintage bedroom or you can choose to decorate this part of your house design with Game of Thrones elements, like this map. There are many ways you can have the dream-themed bedroom, you just have to ‘study’ how to put all the things you want together.


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