Today at Lighting Stores, we are going to give you a hand-picked selection of coveted lighting pieces for your luxurious living room décor! Decorating your living room in the most luxurious way starts with picking furniture pieces that resemble this particular style.

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Decorating your luxurious living room takes a lot of time, planning and, money. So we advise you to have some professional help with decorating your home with this sort of décor options.

And your luxurious living room is going to be the center of attention, that’s the place where you and your guests are going to be spending most of your and their time.


Turner Floor Lamp

Turner floor lamp is the first lighting piece that we believe should be part of your luxurious living room décor. With such sophisticated design and finish, there’s no denying that Turner is the right floor lighting piece for you.

luxurious living room décor

Handmade in brass featuring a body that has movable arcs, Turner offers you the type of versatility that you don’t really see very often in other luxurious floor lamps.

With a marble base complementing the luxurious lampshade and body, Turner is always the right choice whenever you feel like aiming for a luxurious living room décor setting.

Ivete Floor Lamp

luxurious living room décor

In need of something exotic but don’t want to lose that luxurious touch? Then Essential Home’s Ivet floor lamp is the right fit for your luxurious living room décor.

luxurious living room décor

With a natural and sophisticated design and finish, Ivete floor lamp is an over the top lighting piece that will bring a more unique flavor to your living room décor.

With a brass body and marble base, Ivete features similar materials and finishes to Turner. The right option is even you’re looking to spark a more exotic flare onto your luxurious living room décor.

Empire Chandelier

luxurious living room décor

Luxxu specializes in handcrafting luxurious lighting pieces that are tailored for the upper-echelon interior design market. With success in both residential and commercial projects, Luxxu designed Empire chandelier with that design philosophy.

luxurious living room décor

Inspired by New York landmark Empire State building, this masterpiece is handcrafted by some of Portugal’s greatest artisans. With an extravagant design capable of upscaling any given room. .There’s no denying that Empire chandelier is the perfect bet for your luxurious living room décor.

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