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Keen to make the most out of a small bedroom? Make it the better-looking ever!

It’s 2019, so it’s about time to make your Small Bedroom Decor a priority! Even the most humble of box rooms have the ability to serve as a comfortable , and clever use of furniture can turn it into a multi-functional space too, incorporating useful study and storage areas. Ready? Keep scrolling!

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Put storage in high places

Like any small space, the key to a successful compact bedroom is to create adequate storage within a functional layout. Often in a small guest room, a couple of large, hard-working pieces of furniture will create a less cluttered look than several small pieces. When square footage is at a premium, try incorporating floating shelves, or (if your budget allows) bespoke fitting above the bed for a streamlined look that won’t compromise your space. This is our favorite tip for the .


Swap your bed for a sofa bed

When square footage is at a premium, try incorporating a wall bed instead of a traditional sofa bed. It takes a standard mattress, offering greater comfort, and can fold away to look like a wardrobe or cabinet, freeing up valuable floor space for a desk and chair. Ensure that the surrounding furniture is lightweight so that it can easily be moved to accommodate a pull-down bed. If you have adequate ceiling height, look at bespoke options, such as a simple mezzanine incorporating a sleeping area on a raised platform with a wardrobe or shelving below.

Repeat a single motif

Keep the decorative elements of a small room pared back by choosing a single motif – such as the heart – and running with it. Use it in two or three forms, such as artwork, accessories and soft furnishings, and in varying scales and the cohesive, contained scheme that results will free your space of clutter and confusion. Restrict color to accessories and the room will be easy to update whenever you feel like it. The perfect way to save space is with this!

Create a feature wall

Be bold with a striking wallpaper and eye-catching artwork and turn a single wall into the main focus of a . Opt for a restricted color palette with crisp white bed linen and furniture made from reclaimed wood. Stick to mostly white bed linen so the look isn’t overly busy and introduce a splash of color to liven up the scheme a notch.

Paint a small bedroom white

Decorate walls and ceilings in white to visually open up a small space and free you to use color and pattern in a controlled way elsewhere. Then go to town with cottage garden florals – against the plain background, they won’t overpower a . Let colorful fabrics take center stage with a bold, red patterned bedspread and cushions that contrast with the rest of the room.

Make it minimal

Symmetry is your friend when you need to strip back to essentials in a . Double up on bedside cabinets and lighting for an uncomplicated, easy-on-the-eye scheme. Use hits of duplicated color to create visual balance and add definition and energy. Pick a pale color palette as a fail-safe space enhancer. Here, soft neutrals add just the right amount of warmth, while the minimal wall decorations draw the eye to the bed and keep it there.

Keep it cream

Must-Know Tips To Have The Better-Looking Small Bedroom Decor 7 Small Bedroom Decor

Create a restful feel in a guest bedroom with chalky cream walls, a pale upholstered headboard, and a luxurious off-white satin throw. Stick to neutrals for as much of the room as you dare so that items don’t compete with each other for attention and the space appears less cluttered. But do feel free to add in the odd warmer tones to prevent the scheme from feeling cold and clinical.

Duplicate a pattern

Don’t be afraid to use pattern in a small bedroom. Pick one design, such as polka dots, and assign it to walls and soft furnishings for a smart, tightly controlled decorating scheme. Where space is at a premium, choose your furniture with storage potential in mind: over tables; an end-of-bed blanket box over a sofa.

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Must-Know Tips To Have The Better-Looking Small Bedroom Decor

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