New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 13

Gold, gold, and even more gold!

What’s not to love about gold? Today, on your favorite signature of the week, called ‘New Trends‘ we decided to show you why gold finish is the best choice for your home decor. Ready to see what lighting designs to gathered here for you?


Brubeck Round

New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win

Brubeck mid-century modern chandelier is inspired by one of the foremost exponents of cool jazz: Dave Brubeck. This unique lighting design represents the sophistication and finesse of the American jazz pianist, displaying a very luxurious feeling. DelightFULL’s skilled artisans handmade this round chandelier in brass, covering it with a gold plated finish, which can be customized in multiple other finishes. The result of this outstanding creation is a functional dining room chandelier with sculptural shapes.

DL New Product

Hanna Ceiling

New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 3 New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 3

Hanna is a vintage lighting fixture that is elegantly by five arms and five lampshades made of brass. Each lampshade can be adjusted to direct lighting over a wide-reaching area. With gold plated and a matte white finish ( inside and outside), each light has a bell-shaped shade fashioned from aluminum. Liven up your home setting with this classic pendant light, that will suit superbly in a mid-century modern living room or dining room. All in all, Hanna suspension lamp has flowing lines and a sleek surface that mixed unusual-shaped arms create a unique vintage lighting design.

Botti Floor

New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 5 New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 5

Botti floor lamp was inspired by the jazz musician of Chris Botti. The mid-century floor lamp is handmade in brass with a gold plated finish that reminds of a real trumpet due to its unique shape. With an aluminum base, this modern floor light can be customized in marble, giving an even more luxurious design to your mid-century modern interior. This brass floor lamp has eight spotlights which offer soft lighting and goes as tall as 70,9 inches. Botti art deco floor lamp showcases high-quality craftsmanship, that will definitely make a statement in your sophisticated classic living room design or mid-century hotel lobby. Botti contributes a jazzy and mid-century vibe as does the gold plated and white glossy finishes.

Janis Floor

New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 7 New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 7

Inspired by Janis Joplin’s music “Best of The Best Gold”, Janis floor lamp recovers the golden jazz spirit of the ’60s. Covered by a golden bath, this entrance floor lamp was designed to make a powerful statement with its mid-century modern design. With almost 67 inches, Janis is 100% handmade in brass, boasting high-quality craftsmanship. This tall standing lamp fits beautifully in a modern entryway or in a classic living room corner since it is an excellent match for both contemporary and classic decors.

Matheny Table

New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 9 New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 9

Matheny table lamp is sleek and classic lighting design. 100% designed and produced in Portugal, this tall table lamp goes as high as 24 inches and it is handmade in brass and marble. Its marble base can be customized with four different types of marble to match the gold-plated finish of the body. A unique vintage brass table lamp, Matheny is a new take on the mid-century classics. It is the right table lamp for living room ambiances, but it can also be thought of as a bedside table lamp, depending on the decor of your master bedroom.

Hendrix Wall

New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 11 New Trends Gold Plated Finishes For The Win 11

Hendrix wall sconce has a round shape that was inspired by a golden vinyl player. Ideal for every single mid-century modern interior, this wall light fixture will bring a smooth lighting effect to your room. 100% handmade in brass, Hendrix showcases high-quality craftsmanship. With a gold plated finish, this wall light has an avant-garde design perfect for modern and contemporary environments. For this mid-century modern wall sconce, you have three G9 incandescent bulbs 40W included. These three symmetric light sources cast a perfect caustic phenomenon reflected that gives life to any living room decor, restaurant, and bar.


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