Are you switched on to the power of outdoor Christmas lights? Christmas decorating is no longer confined to indoors as these best outdoor lights prove!

We all know getting outdoor lighting ideas can be hard, especially during the , but today you will learn how to pull it off in the Christmas spirit!  are key for adding a touch of extra sparkle to exteriors. From twinkling LED lights around the trees to larger teardrop bulbs illuminating the porch, the right lighting plays such an integral role in setting the scene for Christmas cheer. Curious? Keep reading to know it all!

Christmas Spirit Is In The Air: 

The best of twinkling is here! Cast a gentle glow over the exterior of your house with stunning twinkle lights. The tone of these warm white lights creates an almost amber glow – similar to that of candlelight. It’s perfect for inside as well, but works perfectly as outdoor lighting- and still looks cute! These string warm white twinkle lights can transform your outdoor space into a magical . Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Multi-function settings. Display round a porch, in a garden tree or over a garden arbor.


This has got to be our favorite: the best outdoor light up unicorn! Just look at it, it’s so beautiful! Consider the light up unicorn the new reindeer for 2018! Grown-ups and children unicorn fans alike will love this light up mythical hero. And we know you are already falling in love too!

Add a classic touch of bling to your home with cascading icicle lights. Rather than the fake looking icicle lights of days gone by, the modern icicle is a contemporary single string of lights that emulate the icicle effect. And blends perfectly with any . It’s one of those things that look good literally anywhere.

Just take a second to appreciate this outdoor pop-up Christmas tree. This simplistic design is just the thing to add sparkle without overpowering the outside of your house. The mains operated 6ft tree is super easy to assemble, and therefore store away each year. You simply hook the middle of the cable to the white pole to drape the lights in a tree formation.

This is something we have been obsessed with and we wanted to know if you love it as much as we do: outdoor light up snowman! To contrast with other white cable designs, this snowman has a country edge to him! The rustic rattan wire frame comes decorated with a subtle gold or white frosting. Complete with a carrot nose, coal eyes and a red scarf he’s really dressed the part. The right choice for your this year.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Set You On The Mood For The Next Season 6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas

What about f for trees? Sometimes less is more and when it comes to lights often keeping it simple can be the best option are always a winner for instantly creating a sense of ambiance, with outdoors being no exception. Fairy lights dressing topiary trees, as demonstrated above, either side of the front door is more than enough of a statement to welcome guests during the festive season. What are you waiting for to start applying our ideas to your outdoor design? Don’t waste your time, start now!

Get Your Outdoor Lighting: ‘M’ from Graphic Collection

An eye-catching touch to a big, bold and bright marquee letter design. A unique way of bringing a unique, colorful and cheerful touch to any exterior or interior design project. With its stunning rainbow neon effect, this versatile lighting design can be placed in the wall or on the floor. Coming with a large anti-reflective acrylic panel to protect the neons this marquee letter design has 1 meter and its handmade in acrylic and aluminum. Customizable on demand it’s also available in a mini version, this marquee letter is perfect for a fun lobby.


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