We all know black is the new black… So how can you pull it off on your home?

Sweet Monday everyone! We know Mondays aren’t easy in general, that’s why today we are here to fresh up your mood. Are you in love with the color black? Then you have to see these lighting designs with ! It’s the easiest way to style your : black goes perfectly with everything!

Get Inspired:

Hank Suspension

Inspired by the iconic mid-century era, Hank suspension light brings a graceful, organic shape to any room. Perfect for a interior, this offers the open look that is a great choice for today’s demand for a stylish interior. This dazzling lamp has its body in brass and its shade in aluminum. Its stunning telescopic tube has 27, 5″ | 70 cm and its body is gold plated as its shade with black matte makes this an irresistible selection. When it comes to , this marvelous and inspiring piece is highly recommended in a mid-century hotel lobby or living room.

Ebook Gallery Garage

Evans Floor

With a mid-century modern vibe, this Evans floor lamp has three diffusers. Each shade is moveable and adjusts making this a very functional light source that can be changed depending on where it is placed. This tripod floor lamp features an avant-garde design that will provide a light-filled optimism to your mid-century modern interior design. The matte black & gold powder paint finishes are a great accent for any space. With a height of 74 inches, the on/off switch is conveniently located for a quick and easy use.

Miles Table

Miles table lamp is a classic mid-century modern table lamp, which brings back the sophisticated atmosphere of the 50s. It is handmade in brass, with an aluminum shade. The body has a copper plated finish for a more contemporary look, while the shade is lacquered matte on the outside and white matte on the inside. It is essentially a copper table lamp that casts a soft glaze that will suit your modern entryway in the most flattering way. It also looks stunning when put on display as an office lamp, so don’t be afraid to try and use it as a sophisticated study table lamp. One of our favorite to give is all about this lamp!

Simone Wall

You Will Never Be The Same After Seeing These Black Lighting Designs 7 You Will Never Be The Same After Seeing These Black Lighting Designs 7

Simone wall lamp has a sleek, utilitarian design that brings a vintage flair to mid-century modern interiors. With a glossy black shade and a textile red wire, the vintage wall light fits in with a wide array of color schemes and styles. The three fully flexible arms are made of aluminum and the structure in brass, boasting three cone lampshades with gold plated accents. This mid-century modern sconce is easily changeable when in need of a reading light, especially as a bedside lamp, or if you are simply looking to light up your hallway. Perfect for any part of your .


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