We have lined up a few fabulous inspirations that showcase the beauty of floor design lighting and how effective it can be when done with class and creativity. Highlighting architectural features, pathways and creating a smart focal point with dramatic brilliance, recessed ground lights turn even the most mundane room into a captivating and intriguing space.


Contemporary Floor Lamps DelightFULL Design Lighting



Recessed ground lighting is often the ideal option for homeowners who want a relaxing, stylish and dreamy ambiance.

The illumination of the white walls brings a certain refinement to the entire office, as you can see below and the Floor Design Lighting gives an unique contemporary design to your room.



Elegant modern home office with an oversized floor lamp and a smart workspace



Floor Lighting in itself can have the biggest visual impact indoors. A good combination of recessed ceiling and lighting fixture is a far more sensible option in the grand dining room or in the living space.
The featured finds below really showcase some of today’s top trends, such as minimalist lighting that can easily decorate the room that you want.



contemporary living room with modern chromium accent living room lamps living room



Sometimes more than one bulb is required to make a sculptural statement through floor lamp  design lighting. Characterized by the rhythmic composition of its elements this piece by DelightFULL embodies an elegant look full of refinement and modernity.
The Ike piece is the result of strict nothern design rules and southern taste.



cypres floor lamp contemporary lighting design by brabbu



With a unique vintage and modern look, the Caracas Floor Lamp from Jonathan Adler combines cones and balls with a marble base for an unforgettable design lighting piece. Love the brass pull chains, perfect for residential lighting.



Double shade floor lamp from Jonathan Adler



When adjustable steel shades are at your disposal, you can strategically illuminate key features and areas in the room of your choice.
The floor lighting aren’t just for home, you easily can decorate a store with this lighting type.

This vintage floor lamp suits perfectly in a store. Its structure made in noble marble reports to a classical ambience. Inspired in Jake Hanna, this floor lamp by DelightFULL also, takes the shape out of that voluptuous instrument.



kendo floor lamp contemporary lighting design by brabbu


These selections are versatile enough to complement a variety of styles of Design Lighting, from the eclectic to the industrial. Are you feeling ready to shine the spotlight on floor lamps? Let us know on comments down below.

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