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Kartell is undoubtedly a fantastic brand that always offers the best solutions in lighting design. In this article, we select the best solutions of Table Lamps brand as well as the main shops where you can find these unique pieces.


the best table lighting



Kartell is one of the the symbols of Italian Design around the world.
It’s a brand of many successes achieved not only through lighting solutions but also by furniture, furnishings, home accessories.
This Lighting Store translates into a unique symbol of Contemporary Design.



table lamps by kartell



Bourgie is like plastic can be precious and sophisticated.

This Table Lamp, has finished metallic gold, copper, silver, titanium and many more to suit all tastes and all styles.
Bourgie, is undoubtedly a classic that gives any room a touch of luxury regardless of the color you choose.



tatì table lamp by lighting store



Tatì is a rectangular table lamp.
The implicit rigor in material and form makes this lighting fixture single, with contemporary lines, this piece fit anywhere in your home.
Plays of chromatic light are such que When Tatì is turned off, the full color of its surface is revealed, Whereas When turned on, the intensity of light illuminates its whole body.







Cindy is clearly a Table Lamp of seventies but with a shape and color with a very modern twist.
Has a conical shape and is available in various colors, platinum, dark gold, mint green, orange, blue, pink, gun metal and violet on the Italian Lighting Stores.
With a shiny chrome finish, eventually give this piece a touch too contemporary, richness.





Taj table lamp by lighting stores



Taj, more than a lamp, is a three dimensional manifestation, a luminous sculpture.
Although it is a Table Lamp, this piece abandons altogether the stereotype of conventional Tables Lamps.
This lighting solution uses LED par optimize and minimize the light source and at the same team it is a new technology step forward in meeting the corporate technical challenge producing an object through unique expertise.

Here they are some of the Table Lamps by Lighting Store Kartell, which one is your favourite? Let us know on comments down below.



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