Everyone has a bathroom on their home, it’s one of the most important rooms of any house however is most of times neglected and left as it is. But today we give five of the best bathroom looks so that you can get inspired and create a remarkable project in your house.

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The Best Bathroom Looks To Get Inspired

Our first bathroom follows a more feminine look, beige, pink and white are the main colors of the room. A very private bathroom with several divisions within the room itself. Having everything that a bathroom can have this one was good though, at the center of the room, lighting the whole place is Ike Suspension with the right colors and finishing to fit perfectly here. With its clean lines, this dazzling lamp is handmade in brass and aluminum.

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The Best Bathroom Looks To Get Inspired

This bathroom follows a more warm style, with colors such as brown, grey and white. With two sinks making it perfect for a couple’s bathroom, it is perfect for those looking for a more “home” and comfortable look. However, with those colors it requires a bit more light, that’s why along side the two mirrors are two wall lamps making sure that there is enough light so that the home owners can see himself perfectly in the mirror.
This wall lamp is the beautiful Galliano Wall Lamp, made of iron with a matte black exterior and a gold powder paint interior finishing, Galliano produces a unique lighting effect when you see light being casted thought its pipes.

The Best Bathroom Looks To Get Inspired

Our third bathroom mixes natural life and luxury, with two big windows to the outside, this becomes part of the inside as well. Gold and beige are the colors to follow being part of the furniture and walls. Once again two different sinks making it perfect for a couple’s bathroom, and as it was above two wall lamps to make sure that not one spot is missed while looking in the mirror, this time however is just one big mirror. The wall lamps are the luxurious Brubeck XL Wall Lamp, composed of a series of handmade brass tubes that are all welded together by hand. For a finishing touch, it boasts a very art deco gold-plated finish.

The Best Bathroom Looks To Get Inspired

This bathroom combines perfectly luxury and simplicity, with just the necessary furniture the room offers everything needed. Wall paint art, marble walls and floor and of course the luxury furniture this bathroom is a piece of art itself. Above the round bathtub is the amazing Majestic I Suspension, a golden plated brass circle made with the finest material, each ribbed crystal glass cylinder creates an atmosphere of irresistible exposure and exclusivity.

The Best Bathroom Looks To Get Inspired

We saved the best for last, this bathroom is without a doubt one of the best bathrooms you will ever see. Following a more black and white look, art painted on the wall and a massive chandelier as well a reading corner. To add more to the ambience even flowers are a part of the decor, with all this the bathroom it doesn’t look overfilled. The chandelier is the beautiful Naicca Chandelier, an aged, brushed brass structure with a quartz crystal diffuser that merges together to brighten any home decor, filling the room with a strong yet peaceful atmosphere.

The floor lamp is the unique Torchiere Floor Lamp, an ultimate lighting piece great for uplifting, downloading and reading lights. A reading lamp with a lovely black finish that brings two great and functional designs together: Torchiere and an adjustable two floor lamp.

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