Now that we are spending more time at home, our home office has now become a daily workspace. To achieve the best productivity, lighting is an essential part. It is necessary when reading, writing or just working on the computer. Thinking on getting the best of your workspace we list the best lighting for your home office.

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Amy Table Lamp

The Best Lighting For Your Home Office

We start our list with a table lamp, perfect to work on the computer, this lighting piece will make sure that your eyes wont suffer in darker days. A unique design inspired by the famous british singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, that will for sure give your imagination a boost on it needs the most.


Gamma Table Lamp

The Best Lighting For Your Home Office

Another table lamp, this one is a little different, Gamma Table Lamp is a new take on adjustable table lamps. Thanks to its rotating arm, its light can be directed making it the perfect choice to have on a desk. The moving arm allows the lamp to light perfectly while reading a book or writing a document, making it the perfect choice for a workspace.

Simone Suspension

The Best Lighting For Your Home Office

The first suspension piece on this list, Simone Suspension, is a retro style chandelier, 35 inches tall. With the three arms that are united by a gold plated ring, showing a high level craftsmanship. This piece will for sure be easily be a part of your home office with the white or black colors. Ideal to have above a desk, it will perfectly light your whole room.

Billy Table Lamp

The Best Lighting For Your Home Office

A table lamp will for sure be a work buddy, by side your side the whole day, and Billy will maybe be the perfect buddy, this task lamp is a versatile piece that counts with an extendable arm that can reach almost 24’’, making it the perfect reading lamp, very easy to adjust to your needs.

Nancy Table Lamp

This table lamp is inspired by the classics of the golden era, handmade in brass and aluminum by talented artisans that still use ancient techniques to produce it. Nancy Table Lamp is luxurious table lamp that will motivate you on your work a make you feel better at your workspace and home.

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