The Best Lighting Stores In georgiaYou Should Know (1)

Discover the best lighting stores in Georgia to bright up your home decor!!

From mid-century to contemporary lighting choices, today we will show you high-end lighting stores for your interior design project, located in Georgia, USA. So, if you live nearby some of the best lighting stores, consider yourself a lucky one.

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Lux Lighting LTD

You probably already heard of Lux Lighting LTD. They are in the lighting business for 25 years, working directly with homeowners, designers, and remodelers. Their lighting collection is the finest lighting products available from the hight-quality companies in the lighting industry.

The Best Lighting Stores In Georgia You Should Know

You’ll discover a variety in their collection, to cristal lighting to modern and traditional design options. A completely lighting design world! Give them the chance to prove they will certainly give you the best lighting design for your home decor or even for your projects.


The Best Lighting Stores In Georgia You Should Know


The second lighting store is recognized as one of the nation’s leaders in modern furnishings and interior design with six locations across the U.S. and successful e-commerce website. Cantoni opened its doors in 1984 and ever since their commitment has been to their clients and their passion for modern design.

The Best Lighting Stores In Georgia You Should Know

From furniture and accessories to lighting and artwork to kitchen cabinetry and closet systems, you’ll find in one place quality and variety of products for your project. So, trust us when we say this is one of the best online lighting stores you’ll find in Georgia.

The Best Lighting Stores In Georgia You Should Know

Lighting Loft

The last but definitely not least, we present you Lighting Loft, an online lighting store specialize in contemporary, classic lighting and illumination systems. With an impressive array of lighting products, be positive you’ll find that perfect lighting fixture you were dreaming. “But don’t be intimidated by all the choices” it’s what they say.

The Best Lighting Stores In Georgia You Should Know

Founded in 2000 in Atlanta, they created an incredible team of experts that can assist you through every step of the process, from selecting the right fixtures, layout design and much more. They even compromise going to your door and provide you with the assistance you need. They are definitely a keeper and we consider one of the best lighting stores in Georgia.

The Best Lighting Stores In Georgia You Should Know

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