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Seems like Monday for us, and we have to apologize for that! We had a long weekend, and we will make it up to you! Today we bring you nowadays trend: marquee lamps. Every bar has it, every fun spot has it: and now your is about to have it too! We present you: The by DelightFULL.

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The is Composed of the alphabet in Marquee lamps such as all numbers and a dollar sign. We can say it’s a non-conventional and juicy collection: here they are, the colorful and extremely communicative made for Delightfull’s recent collection. Ideal for hotels and clubs, these floor, table, and wall fixtures will revolutionize the lighting concepts, arriving in form of letters, numbers or symbols, as we previously said.

Today we present you these 3 letters that together make a very specific word… That you will find out at the end.



One of the highlights of the . Red means fun means passion. With 44 bulbs that can be controlled with an on-off-on switch, which allows you to turn only a few of them on at a time. With a height of 1 meter, this iconic fixture can be placed on the floor or on the wall, only indoors. Making a lasting impression in any of your party ideas this marquee letter design is available in a mini version as well.


Enthusiastic the letter E calls for the dazzled feeling of a neon party. With 23 bulbs, the college styled font carries with it the blue neon outline that completes any modern . Fun, exquisite and bright, the letter E will bring you all the nostalgia from the college years. With a height of 1 meter, it is ideal for clubs and display showcases. Colour customizable, this marquee letter has 105 x 74 x 20 cm and 39.5 x 29.1 x 7.9 in and can be placed on the floor or on a wall.


The Reason Why These Marquee Lamps Will Change Your Home 5

Green to say go, Y to say Yes. The neon green soothing light effect of this handmade lighting design can make a room pop with a splash of color. Handmade, this marquee letter design has the powerful effect of giving a touch of originality, commotion, and emotion to it. Versatile, this marquee letter can be wall mounted or used as a floor lamp looks perfect in any modern design project. Customizable on demand, this marquee letter design is set for the most demanding settings, as it can be in any outdoor or interior design project. With 1 meter height, this incredible lighting design will be the most wanted in your design project!

The reason why we chose the word ‘key’ to present these letters to you is that we think that consistency is the KEY to success, such as persistence, never giving up, and fighting for what you want!

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