It’s finally time to find the best lighting stores in Denver, the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Colorado. A center of culture and diversity in the state, Denver has an active pop, jazz, jam, and classical music scene as well as a very rich natural landscape. But now it’s time to find what the city can offer in lighting design, the best and most unique lighting pieces to get in Denver and where to get them.

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FUSION Light and Design

Today We Bring You The Best Lighting Stores In Denver

📍 Adress: 124 Yuma Street, Denver, CO 80223
FUSION Light and Design is a company that focuses on lighting, residential and commercial spaces. They work with each environment, from one lighting fixture to an entire project. With a passion and experience for lighting, the company helps every customer in their design project, with the right lighting and design for his needs.

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Urbans Lights

Today We Bring You The Best Lighting Stores In Denver

📍 Adress: 1393 S. Santa Fe DR Denver, CO 80223
Urban Lights is a lighting brand that provides lighting pieces and decor for every lifestyle. With a 20,000 square foot lighting showroom filled galleries to help the customer find inspiration for his next project. With a big variety of lighting pieces such as Ceiling Lights, Lamps, Wall Lights, Outdoor and also Fans.

The Lighting Connection

Today We Bring You The Best Lighting Stores In Denver

📍 Adress: 14135 E. 42nd Avenue, Suite 80, Denver, CO 80239
The Lighting Connection has been providing from a lighting fixture to accessories to Colorado builders and contractors since 1984. This family-owned and operated business has as a mission provide reasonably-priced lighting solutions with the highest quality customer service. Their employees have diverse personal and professional backgrounds, which brings a lot of constructive ideas to the customer solutions.

Circa Lighting

Today We Bring You The Best Lighting Stores In Denver

📍 Adress: 601 South Broadway, Suite B, Denver, CO 80209
Circa Lighting was founded in Savannah, Georgia there the owner conceived an idea for a well edited lighting showroom where clients could shop in a boutique like atmosphere. The brand has now 15 showrooms across the country and plans to open 7 more in 2020. The brand counts with a variety of lighting pieces such as Ceiling, Wall, Table, Floor, Outdoor and even Fans.

Galleria Lighting

Today We Bring You The Best Lighting Stores In Denver

📍 Adress: 100 Rio Grande Blvd, Denver, CO 80223
Galleria Lighting, counts with many lighting and design experts ready to help the customer find the perfect lighting for his home. Whether he wants to upgrade his home’s curb appeal with exterior lighting or to create the perfect setting in the living room. The brand offers multiple lighting pieces such as Chandeliers, Pendants, Ceiling Lights, Outdoor Lighting and others.

Editor’s Choice

As every city is now time for our usual recommendations, the best lighting pieces based on the previous lighting stores and in the city of the day, Denver. You can get every piece at our online store Lighting Stores Shop

Madeleine Suspension

Today We Bring You The Best Lighting Stores In Denver

Similar to some lighting pieces showed above, Madeleine Suspension is an industrial pendant lighting, inspired by a flower bouquet. With four cones swiveling pinhole lights, this brass pendant lamp features a matte white interior and a gold powder paint inside finishing. Madeleine can complement many lofts, bars and restaurants, however, this pendant light can go anywhere, adding an industrial style touch to whatever room you decide to hang it in.

Coltrane Floor Lamp

Today We Bring You The Best Lighting Stores In Denver

Coltrane Floor Lamp fits perfectly with a typical Denver home while also resembles to the state’s natural life. Handmade in brass and aluminum, the minimal black floor lamp has a matte black finish on the three lamp shades with a gold powder paint on the inside, that provide a smooth lighting effect. This functional floor lamp is ideal for minimalist settings, as well as for, mid-century modern reading nooks.

Pharo I Wall Lamp

Today We Bring You The Best Lighting Stores In Denver

Pharo I Wall Lamp is a luxurious wall lamp that brings a simple yet beautiful design to your living room or bedroom. The inspiration for the wall lamp comes from Pharos, an island where the most famous and grand lighthouse stood in ancient Alexandria. Nowadays, lighthouses take on simpler forms, just like this wall lamp. Made of gold plated brass and crystal glass, Pharo Wall is a beacon of light to rupture the darkness.

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